Katherine Schwarzenegger: It’s not true ‘that rescue animals are damaged’

I’m a little late on this but I wanted to cover it, because the story is still relevant. April 30 was Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. If you did not adopt a shelter pet on that day, you still can because every day is a good day to adopt a pet from a shelter. Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt is mom to rescue dog Maverick (and human daughters Lyla and Eloise). She teamed up with Bounty and Best Friends Animal Society for National Pet Month to cover the cost of adoption for their new pets. You know I’m a sucker for a celeb helping any kind of pets. But I appreciate Katherine’s comments on shelter pets, especially dogs, as well. She said that one of the biggest obstacles in getting them adopted is perception. People see animals in shelters as “damaged” and give up on them before they even give them the chance. But almost anyone who’s met a rescue knows, there are few things in this world more appreciative than an animal looking for a second chance.

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt is reminding people of the amazing possibilities that come when you rescue a pet from a shelter.

“I think the biggest misconception is that rescue animals are damaged beyond repair and they are in shelters for a good reason,” Katherine, who is expecting her second child with Chris Pratt, exclusively shared with E! News. “There are so many animals that are in shelters simply because of bad luck or irresponsible pet owners, and so many of these animals, when given a second chance and the proper love and attention, they become beautiful additions to families.”

In honor of National Pet Month this May, Katherine is teaming up with Bounty and the Best Friends Animal Society to surprise new pet owners by covering their animal adoption fees.

Katherine, who rescued her dog Maverick from the streets of Santa Monica, Calif., hopes this opportunity allows families to consider helping an animal in need.

“There are always animals who have challenges, some are in shelters and others are from other places, but we should never lump them together or generalize an animal based on the life or journey they were born into,” she said. “I couldn’t imagine my life without Maverick and we can’t let these misconceptions prevent good people from adopting great dogs—dogs who have the potential to change their person’s life for the better!”

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Katherine touches on some important points here and I’m glad she brought them up. Many people assume pets are in shelters or county services because there’s something wrong with them. However, in a number of cases, the issue is lack of patience on the former owner’s part. Giving the dog up was easier than hiring the trainer or following through with the training needed. Or the pet was simply old. In some cases, the owner couldn’t afford the pet, or had to move to an establishment that wouldn’t allow for pets. Maybe an allergy developed, especially with a new baby. And sometimes the pet was born on the street or lost. As Katherine said, some pets will have challenges, possibly some latent trauma, but almost anything can be worked out with the right direction. And there are so many fantastic trainers out there. Start at your local pet store for recommendations. They don’t have to be a celebrity to be good. If you are adopting through a rescuer, listen to the vetter during the interview. Hear what they’re asking or telling you. Remember that the organization is trying to find the best match for both you and the pet. Same with county shelters. Ask the attendants about the animals. People who work with animals want to put them in the right home for both of you.

Now, I hope to Christ Katherine has had this same discussion about giving animals a second chance with her husband.

FYI, it’s kitten season, folks. Every rescue organization and county shelter near you is filling up so if you ever considered adding a cat to your life, now is a great time to do so. I adopted Calypso last year from Harbor Center and she completed our home.

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Both pups are sweet, gentle and get along with other dogs.

If you’re not looking to adopt but would consider fostering, these ladies have the opportunity to fly to LA in July if they have a place to stay.



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