Kate Middleton and Prince William in ‘perfect sync’ 20 years after meeting

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Kate Middleton and Prince William took a trip down memory lane on Wednesday as they returned to the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where they fell in love and graduated in June 2005.

One picture shows Kate, 39, and William, 38, walking side by side with grins on their faces – and a body language expert has now told OK! that the royal couple look more loved up than ever.

The duo were well-prepared for the rain and clutched umbrellas, while the Duchess looked stylish in a striped jumper with a blazer and black jeans. The Duke sported a navy jacket on a jumper and trousers.

"It’s noted that William and Kate are walking side by side in perfect sync," body language expert Derek Heron said. "This normally close couple are kept apart by the span of their umbrellas.

"Kate’s upper body is turned slightly towards William showing she’s positively engaged in the joke being shared. Both smiles are relaxed and genuine with the eyes smiling."

Reflecting on a vintage picture from Kate and William's 2005 graduation day, Derek added: "When we look back on a picture of Kate and William taking in the excitement of their graduation day, it is clear there is a strong indication of intimacy.

"[They are] a young couple very much in love," he continued. "They are comfortable with lots of body contact being displayed.

"Kate’s hand resting on William's abdomen is a strong indication of intimacy and it’s well received as William has his hand on top holding it there.

"This could also be an act of reassurance for Kate being in front of the cameras. Kate has a rather coy tilt of the head The couple both display relaxed expressions enjoying the attention."

Another picture from their St Andrew's visit sees Kate gazing up and into William's eyes.

Our expert said: "This would appear to be an almost neutral expression from William but the tell-tale upward edges of the mouth and the creases in the cheeks indicate he’s ready to crack a smile.

"Kate has a lovely genuine open smile as she gazes lovingly at William. Her body is turned inward towards him with lots of body contact indicating a close couple very much in love."

In a third photo photo though, Kate and Wills look "less relaxed and focussed on what was in front of them," Derek added.

"Again the umbrellas keeping this close couple apart from one another," he said. "Interesting to note they remain in an unconscious synchronisation with both adopting a leading left leg.

"William and Kate appear slightly less relaxed here but it is outdoors in the rain. The may be a little cold as their postures a just a little stiff."

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