Kanye West Praises March for Our Lives 'Hero' Emma Gonzalez, But She's Not Having It

Gonzalez counters Kanye’s hero worship by tweeting a picture of her current hero, and it ain’t Yeezy!

Maybe Kanye West got his tweets out of order, because it seemed a little late to be tweeting support for March for Our Lives founder Emma Gonzalez after spending days and days tweeting support for Donald Trump.

And yet, that’s exactly what he did late Saturday, calling the Parkland, Florida, shooting survivor his "hero." When Gonzalez became aware of it just a few minutes later, she countered with an epic response that also took the high ground, lobbing no insults at anyone. It can be done!

Maybe West isn’t fully aware that Trump and Gonzalez are very much on opposite ends of the political spectrum? She was the symbolic leader of a march on Washington in an attempt to bring about gun reform, and Trump is the literal leader of the very party she was campaigning against.

Of course, it’s possible for West to be a supporter of both Trump and Gonzalez, which certainly appears to be the case here, but it doesn’t look like Gonzalez wants his support. West and wife Kim Kardashian attended the March for Our Lives with their children.

After West tweeted a picture of Gonzalez on Saturday night and called her his hero, she countered by tweeting a picture of another man she said was her hero. That picture was of James Shaw Jr., the man who recently made national news for stepping in to stop another mass shooting at a Waffle House in Nashville.

At that exact moment, West was tweeting a follow-up where he was apparently trying to show his followers what it looked like when he was inspired, in this case by Gonzalez.

To our admittedly untrained eye, he looks more pissed off than inspired. But in our defense, that’s kind of how he always looks. Maybe that’s because his new MAGA followers weren’t too thrilled with his public support of Gonzalez, and she rejected him, too. Some days, you just can’t win.

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