Justin Bieber Introduced Hailey Baldwin As His ‘Wife’ On Tour Of His Hometown Museum

Justin Bieber seems to be letting his hometown crowd know that Hailey Baldwin is already his wife. We’ve got what the Biebs told staff at the Stratford, Ontario museum about his marital status.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have been playing a guessing game with fans as to whether or not they secretly tied the knot in a New York courthouse ceremony while obtaining a marriage license on Sept.13. Now the 24-year might have spilled the beans to employees at the Stratford, Ontario museum exhibit devoted to his career. Justin gave Hailey a tour of “Justin Bieber: Steps To Stardom” in his hometown on Sept. 30 and seems to have introduced her as his wife to the staff there.

In an Oct. 1 Instagram post, the Stratford Perth Museum showed off the chalkboard inside the exhibit where fans can write messages to their musical hero. In the photo was a new addition from the the 21-year-old model that read “”I ❤️you forever – Hailey B.”  The museum then added in the caption, “We were so pleased to have such a warm and special guest visit the museum yesterday (along with her very special husband)” while referring to Hailey and Justin.  HUSBAND?!? This is the closest confirmation we have that the pair did in fact become husband and wife in a courthouse ceremony, while they reportedly planning a small religious wedding ceremony for family and friends.

Fans immediately flipped out on the IG post that seemed to confirm they’re married. “Husband and wife!!! Love it and super sweet message by Hailey Baldwin:)” one person excitedly wrote while another added “Awww OMG hubby and wife.””So they are already get married?” another fan asked. That’s been the million dollar question ever since Sept. 13, but if Justin’s own hometown museum exhibit staff seems to be aware that Hailey is already his wife, it’s pretty solid intel.

The museum tagged both Justin and Hailey and added the hashtags “#family #beliebers #stepstostardom.” Justin visited the exhibit on his trip back home to see his grandparents on Apr. 27 and they’ve joined him on his tour. The staff at the Perth Museum adore Justin and told us EXCLUSIVELY that the Biebs “couldn’t have been nicer” and was “humble and appreciative” during the surprise trip there on Apr. 27. He checked out the exhibit, signed shirts to commemorate his visit and even wrote “Justin was here” on the chalk wall. Now he had the chance to show Hailey all of the mementos on display of his rise from a humble childhood in Stratford to worldwide pop domination. He did it just in time as the exhibit closes at the end of 2018.

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