Judi Dench Reveals She Has Received the COVID-19 Vaccine!

Judi Dench has confirmed that she has received her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine!

The 86-yar-old Oscar-winning actress revealed the good news during a call with BBC News on Thursday (January 14).

“I have [had the coronavirus vaccine]. I had one a week ago so I think my next is something like 11 weeks’ time, that’s a great start!” Judi said (via Daily Mail).

Judi revealed that she was able to work during the pandemic.

“I was going to film something which has been postponed. I was, during this time, able to film with Kenneth Branagh, who wrote and directed a film about his childhood in Belfast,” she said.

She added, “Everybody wore masks and everything. So we were well looked after. It was a huge relief to do something and it was exciting too at that time. Otherwise you wake up and think: ‘What is the thing I will do today’ and try to get something done.”

Here’s a list of all the celebrities who have received the vaccine so far.

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