Jonathan Goodwin shares sweet snap with fiancée Amanda Abbington after stunt left him paralysed

Britain’s Got Talent star Jonathan Goodwin called his fianceé Amanda Abbington his “ride or die” in a sweet snap of the happy couple shared to Instagram on Tuesday.

The 42 year old shared a picture of the pair smiling together as they sat in a car ready to head off on their next journey together.

The former stuntman, who is engaged to Sherlock actress Amanda, 48, was tragically paralysed for life when a stunt performance went wrong on the set of America’s Got Talent last October.

Captioning the photo, Jonathan wrote: “Have you got your ride or die? Where are going today?”

It wasn’t the only image the star shared either, with a second hilarious snap showing a picture of his legs in the car, where his black sock had blended into the shadows and caused his foot to vanish.

Alongside the image, he candidly quipped: “On a long car journey, wearing black socks.. took a shoe off & then forgot. Had a shock when I looked down… #FallingApart.”

The latest outing comes just days after Jonathan shared a heartwarming video on Friday in which he got to grips with nature in a stunning green field after previously fearing life in a wheelchair would make it inaccessible.

During the clip, the death defying performer told viewers to “never assume you can't do anything", as he continued to remain positive despite the horrific accident.

Jonathan appeared to be in high spirits throughout the short clip, clearly enjoying the time spent out in the fresh air, surrounded by natural beauty.

He said: “I'm in a field, which I know is random but I thought I'd never be able to come to a place like this in a wheelchair. And then I passed one and said I'll give it a go.."

The former BGT star then went on to show fans a special third wheel that was fitted at the front of his wheelchair and said: “I have this thing on the front of my wheelchair to deal with a little bit of rough ground.”

Rounding off the video, Jonathan said: “But never assume you can't do something, give it a go.”

The message of positivity and endurance is one the retired escapologist has repeated several times on social media in recent weeks, with his positive attitude helping him through the life changing impact of his injuries.

Last week, Jonathan's fiancée Amanda was reduced to tears as the couple took part in their first joint interview, with the star revealing that he told her she could “walk away” after he was paralysed while performing a fireball stunt in the United States.

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine, the star recounted the moment Amanda had told him not to be “so stupid” following the suggestion that she could leave.

“I said you have a get out of jail free card, if you want to walk away I understand and she told me not to be so stupid,” recalled Jonathan.

The seasoned escapologist almost died in October 2021 when a stunt he was performing went horribly wrong.

Jonathan had been attempting to free himself from a straight jacket while being hung upside down 30 feet in the air in between two suspended cars.

However in a timing error, the cars were released too early and he was crushed between them as they caught fire before he had a chance to escape and complete the stunt.

As a result of the accident, he spent four months in hospital recovering from a raft of injuries that included burns, broken legs and the loss of a kidney, which his partner Amanda even admitted had almost killed him.

Yet it is this brush with death and near tragedy that has brought the couple closer together.

“We are closer and tighter than ever and we have this unspoken thing, we said the other day that we are the people that are gonna say yes to stuff, life's too short, be in the moment and grab it with both hands because you don't know what's around the corner,” said Amanda.

“He's a total inspiration to me. He's an idiot, I'm a wally so it's fine. And all my friends and family love him, he's very loveable.”

The pair hope to marry later this year.

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