Joie Chavis Shuts Down Diddy Dating Rumors Months After Their PDA-Filled Trip

When setting the record straight on her relationship status, the Instagram model claims that Diddy’s other rumored fling Yung Miami knew that she was going on a trip with the hip-hop mogul.

AceShowbizJoie Chavis has made it clear that there is nothing romantic between her and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs. Months after being caught packing on some PDAs with the hip-hop mogul during a trip to Europe, the Instagram model finally shut down their dating rumors.

Before clarifying her relationship status, the entrepreneur opened up about wanting to fall in love again. “I’ve been through so much pain, and as terrified as I am, I wanna be in love again. I haven’t given up on that even though it seems nearly impossible to have someone in this generation,” she wrote on Instagram Story.

“Single and dating is cool, but I’m really gonna stick to celibacy until the right one comes along,” Joie added in the Thursday, January 6 snap. Her post was then re-shared by The Shade Room, prompting one fan to comment, “She was just with Diddy and Yung Miami.”

Catching wind of the remark, Joie replied, “NO TF I wasn’t.” She then explained, “Since y’all so damn nosy, here it is! Me and him are friends and have been! I was working on un unreleased project for him and thats why I was in Italy! In the midst of me being there we kissed, thats it. Didn’t go further than that!”

“I had my own damn room and he has always been respectful to me as a friend. The kiss shouldn’t have happened, but it did, and theres nothing I can do about it,” Joie acknowledged. “She knew about the project because I told her prior, in Houston! I didn’t and still dont know anyone elses’ business on how people deal with each other but being that we always exchange on socials, I thought I should let her know.”

Noting that she’s “tired” of all the gossip, Bow Wow‘s baby mama fumed, “I dont bother NO ONE, I make money and take care of my kids! That’s my only focus!” She then urged trolls to “find someone else to bully and dead this damn love circle y’all think is going on. Cause it ain’t that, wasn’t that and will never be that!! Now leave me alone.”

Joie also set the record straight on her relationship with her son’s father, Future, whom she gifted a bracelet to recently. After someone commented, “She must’ve thought Future was the one,” she quickly denied, “No I dont!”

“We have a great co parenting relationship and friendship. He does what he’s suppose to as a father and makes sure Im always straight! Period!” the mother of two elaborated. “So that bracelet, yeah! I bought it! ITs the least I can do after all he’s done to help me with my business or whatever it may be. Im not concerned with his personal life like yall!”

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