John Stamos Cries While Talking About His Son

The actor teared up when asked about his son on a talk show.

John Stamos got emotional and asked for parenting tips while he was a guest on Live with Kelly and Ryan, reports People. The long-time bachelor finally found love with model and actress Caitlin McHugh. They met in 2011 on the set of a Law and Order episode, and they married in February 2018. On April 15, McHugh gave birth to their son, William “Billy” Christopher. When the talk show he was on displayed a picture of Stamos with his son, he immediately began to cry.

“John! I’m sorry!” host Kelly Ripa laughed.

“I miss him,” Stamos admitted. “This is the longest I’ve been away from him. I’ve been waiting my whole life for [fatherhood]. I’m so happy.” Billy is the first child for Stamos, although he’s not opposed to having another. Though he and his wife are trying, Billy isn’t quite ready for a younger sibling yet.

“The other day — and I’m not making this story up — she calls [and she’s like], ‘I’m ovulating!’ When they’re ovulating, boom, you gotta get there,” Stamos shared. “So I come home and of course [Billy’s wide awake]. So I put him in the kitchen — left the door open, we have a little bassinet in there — and we go in, we start trying to do it fast. We start hearing this noise — [screeching noise] — he’s squeaking … he screeches.”

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Stamos also noted that little Billy has a toy elephant that sings, and the little guy was intent on having the stuffed animal join the party and make noise. “That ruined the mood,” Stamos laughed. He added that since he’s older, age 55 to be exact, he and his wife feel it’s important they try for children now.

Ripa joked that babies can sense when their parents are trying to make another and intentionally interrupt the process. Ripa, who has three children, was quick to comfort Stamos when he asked, “How do you keep them alive?” Ripa responded by saying that children want to live and will find a way. She also reassured Stamos when he revealed that he was worried Billy did not look like him or his wife. Ripa insisted that Billy will look more like him as he ages.

Stamos recently released a new jewelry line with his wife on May 19 called St. Amos Jewelry. Though Stamos’ passion for jewelry hasn’t been noted before, his passion for children is clear — proceeds will go to the Childhelp foundation, a non-profit that helps victims of child abuse.

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