Jill Duggar: Slammed By Fans For Plotting TV Comeback ALREADY?!

It’s only been five months since Josh Duggar was arrested on child pornography charges.

The case hasn’t even gone to trial yet — that’s set to begin on November 30 — and the final weeks of 2021 will no doubt make up one of the darkest of the many Duggar family scandals.

So it seems like now would be a good time for the entire family to log out of social media and re-emerge sometime in the late 2050s (if then).

Several Duggars have adopted this strategy and haven’t posted on social media in several months.

But bizarrely one of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids is still attempting to cash in on the family name — and it’s just about the last one that you would expect.

Yes, Jill Duggar might not want anything to do with her problematic family, but it seems she’s still happy to cash in on what remains of their fame.

Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, is in law school, but it might be a while before he startes earning enough to support a family of four.

And so, for now, Jill’s social media page is the family’s primary source of income.

So we guess it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that she’s occasionally forced to resort to desperate measures in order to drum up clips.

Earlier this week, Jill posted an Instagram Story in which she and her kids are seen stocking up on fall decorating supplies.

“When Fall Explodes! What’s your favorite season to decorate for?” Jill captioned the post.

That probably would have been fine, had she not added some questionable hashtags afterward:

“#happyfallyall #falldecor #fall2021 #dillard #dillardfamily #jilldillard #duggar #countingon #pottershousethrift #porchdecor.”

Yes, it’s the first time in a long time that Jill — or any member of the Duggar clan — used a “#countingon” hashtag, and considering all the controversy that surrounds the show these days, fans were understandably a bit taken back.

“Oh, Jill. Have some pride. If I were her, I’d die before hashtagging the show (which is CANCELED, BTW),” one wrote on Reddit, according to In Touch.

“Jill has used that hashtag for a long time. She knows her parents’ brand gets her attention so she takes advantage of that,” a second user added.

“She’s not clueless. The show may be canceled but that’s where people know her from. That’s how she’s going to get found by people who liked the show and are more willing to spend $ on whatever she’s shilling,” a third chimed in.

“Personally I think it’s tacky to promote a canceled show she’d quit years ago,” wrote a fourth, summing up the situation succinctly.

Yes, the decision to align herself with the Counting On brand is especially bizarre in Jill’s case as she distanced herself from her family — and the show that made them famous — way back in 2019.

It was earlier this that TLC finally canceled Counting On, by which time, Jill hade participated in shooting only once (when she helped to deliver Jessa’s baby) in the previous three years.

So the use of that hashtag is not only but confusing, but arguably in poor taste.

Jill has noit yet responded publicly to the criticism, and we doubt she ever will — but she’ll refrain from making this same mistake twice.

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