Jessie J Blasts ‘Not Cool’ Comments About Her Weight After Being Asked If She’s Pregnant

Jessie J has no tolerance for those who thinks it is OK to comment on anyone’s body!

On Thursday, the 34-year-old singer took to Instagram Stories to urge everyone to “just stop” talking about a someone’s weight on social media or in person. She wrote in a lengthy statement, saying:

“Stop commenting on people’s weight, anyone. Just stop. Or telling someone they look pregnant for sure, or you look skinny, just anything, just stop. I see it so much on socials and I know it happens in real life.”

Jessie went on to reveal that she has gained 10 pounds over the past six months, and she feels “great,” adding:

“That’s just under a stone for those who don’t do pounds. It might stay or it might not or I might gain more. Who cares?!? I don’t care as long as I feel good and am healthy.”

The Domino artist, who spoke out about going through a miscarriage last year, explained that this message was prompted after a social media user “just asked me if I was pregnant.” The comment had been shocking and most likely triggering for Jessie as she had been very open about her devastating pregnancy loss hours after it happened in November. She expressed at the time:

“I’m still in shock, the sadness is overwhelming. But I know I am strong, and I know I will be ok. I also know millions of women all over the world have felt this pain and way worse. I feel connected to those of you I know and those of you I don’t. It’s the loneliest feeling in the world.”

So with that in mind, it makes this whole thing worse as Jessie claimed the person commented that “you look pregnant” and apparently “knew” about the heartbreaking experience. Even more so, they had the audacity to share their take on how she should have dealt with the miscarriage:

“And they also knew of what I went through last year and told me their thoughts on that and how I should of handled it. So strange and damn bold. I would never. It’s a no.”

The Bang Bang performer concluded her candid, emphasizing how it is “not cool to just say or comment on anyone’s body.” That is for sure! She continued:

“Unless they/I tell you or ask your opinion it’s not one that’s needed or helpful. Wild that some people don’t know that. Phew.”

It is seriously shocking that some people do not understand this now…

But hopefully, this can be a lesson for everyone to think before they comment on someone’s body and speculate whether a woman is pregnant or not, especially since you do not know what they may be going through. There is just no need to say anything at all.

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