Jennifer Lopez's First Date with Alex Rodriguez Involved Bathroom Texting

Things you’d expect a perfect first date to include: a candlelit dinner, flowers, and romance.

Things you might not expect: bathroom texting. Unless you’re Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, apparently.

During an interview Ellen DeGeneres this week, Lopez spilled the details about the first time she and her beau A-Rod went out on a dinner date together, elaborating on the story she first told to Vanity Fair in October. 

“It was cute, it’s sweet … We’re eating dinner and getting to know each other, and then he leaves and goes to the bathroom for a second,” Lopez began.

Dimitrios Kambouris

To pass the time while he was gone, Lopez started texting a mutual friend to tell her that she was out with Rodriguez.

“He’s walking back toward the table and I see him coming and my phone beeps, and I think it’s my girlfriend and I look down. and he goes, ‘You look sexy AF,'” she said. “And I was like, ‘OK!'”

“So he went to the bathroom to text you that?” DeGeneres asked.

“Yeah. He couldn’t say it. He couldn’t say you look sexy,” Lopez said. “I thought it was really cute.”

Very cute, and also the very beginning of Hollywood’s most A-list couples. Who knew we had a bathroom text to thank for J-Rod?

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