Jennifer Lopez Slays In Glittery Dress As She Premieres ‘El Anillo’ At The Billboard Latin Music Awards

Oh mama! Jennifer Lopez transformed into a glittering goddess for her performance at the Billboard Latin Music Awards on Thursday and it was totally hypnotizing! Check it out here!

Jennifer Lopez is back and we are oh so grateful! The 48-year-old songstress took the stage at the Billboard Latin Music Awards to debut her brand-new track “El Anillo” in a sexy barely-there outfit that effortlessly showcased her insane figure and reminded everyone why she’s such an icon! Rocking a dress made up entirely of shimmering metallic pieces, complete with a headpiece, the hitmaker dazzled viewers with an elaborate dance routine while laying some truly seductive lyrics on attendees!

“Me tratas como una princesa y me das lo que pido. Tu tienes el bate y la fuerza que yo necesito,” she coos on the track. This translates to, “You treat me like a princess and give me what I ask. You have the bat and the strength I need.” This sizzling line is clearly a not-so-subtle reference to her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, who made a name for himself on the baseball field. This is her first new release since dropping “Us” in February and the her first Spanish-language offer this year.

The performance began with her nestled in a large flower as men in giant glowing hula hoops spun on either side of her. By the end, she was spinning in one of the giant hoops and waving her extremely long extensions (we’re talking nearly to the floor) behind her! The show ended with J.Lo climbing back into the flower before asking, “El anillo pa cuando?” This means, “When is the ring coming?” Whoa! Sounds like she’s more than ready for A-Rod to get down on one knee! Check out the full performance up above!

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