Jenna Ortega Left Without Hot Water During Covid-19 Pandemic

The ‘Wednesday’ actress reveals she and her co-stars had to take cold shower while filming ‘The Addams Family’ spin-off outside the country amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

AceShowbizJenna Ortega was forced to take cold shower during the COVID-19 pandemic. While shooting the title role in Netflix series “Wednesday” in Romania when the pandemic broke out, the 20-year-old actress explained that the entire cast was left without hot water in their accommodation because there were no repair workers available to fix a faulty boiler.

“I mean, we were out there for seven, eight months in Romania. I was alone. People were going down with COVID left and right. The entire cast never had any hot water,” she said.

“The boilers in two of my apartments were broken, so I always took cold showers. Everything was closed because you couldn’t do anything. It feels like we survived something. I wear that as a badge of honor now. I won’t be able to compare that to anything else.”

The former “Jane the Virgin” star – who appears in “The Addams Family” spin-off series alongside the likes of Christina Ricci and Catherine Zeta-Jones – added that she would “call her parents in a panic” every night whilst on the shoot because she found it very “stressful and confusing” being so far away from home.

She told Interview magazine, “I would call my parents every night in a panic because I felt like it was different from any job I had ever done before where I typically have that time to sit into the character.”

“I got out to Romania and we started training and shooting immediately. We didn’t really have time for rehearsals. I remember it being very stressful and confusing. I did the best I could, but that’s probably the most overwhelming job I’ve ever had.”

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