Jay Smith is Living With Two-Time Mistress After Ashley Martson Split, Of Course

Last year, Ashley Martson filed to divorce Jay Smith yet again. Third time’s the charm?

So what is he up to? Living with his now two-time mistress and making sure that she believes anything that he wants, of course.

“Jay cheated on Ashley again with Kayla O’Brien,” an inside source confirms to In Touch Weekly.

“That was the final straw that made Ashley kick him out and file for divorce again,” the insider shares.

The source adds: “Jay and Kayla have been together since September.”

Kayla was Jay’s mistress before, for months during 2019, so this is no more a shocker than the fact that Jay cheated again.

“Ashley is completely done with him,” the insider claims.

“He’s now crashing at Kayla’s place which isn’t even her own and she shares,” the source details. “[Kayla] had to bring Jay over to Ashley’s to get all his stuff.”

Just last week, Ashley confirmed that she had filed for divorce from Jay — making this her third divorce filing in the marriage.

She announced that she and Jay had split in September, at first lying by saying that Jay had done nothing wrong before confessing that yes, he had cheated again.

Ashley filed for divorce in October, and says that it should all be taken care of by February … assuming that Jay signs. Given his history, that’s a big “if.”

“Jay tried filing a PFA (Protection from Abuse) order against Ashley after she filed for divorce,” the source shares, “because that’s the only way he can stay in the U.S.”

According to the insider, Jay has always “feared divorce because he knows he has no green card and can get kicked out at any time.”

The source reveals: “The whole order ended up being dropped by the court.”

“Jay is still working out of Ashley’s tattoo shop,” the insider notes.

In July, Ashley fulfilled Jay’s lifelong dream of having his own tattoo shop.

“She’s currently trying to get the property transferred under his name because she lost a ton of money from it,” the source adds. Notably, a pandemic is a terrible time to get a tattoo.

Kayla O’Brien, who has now been his mistress twice, is insisting that Jay was totally faithful to Ashley for once.

“Ashley is very toxic and was clearly not a match for Jay, he tried with her, but she was really draining his spirit,” she insists.

“He sent her a lengthy message of all the reasons he felt he needed to end it,” Kayla claims, “and he told her he needed to leave and live elsewhere and did it the nicest way possible.”

“Jay is a sweetheart, she is always trying to make him out to be a bad guy,” Kayla, who of course only knows Jay’s side of things, asserts.

“She didn’t leave him, he left her, and he was so gentle about it,” she alleges.

“Also,” Kayla adds, “she found out about him and I being back together weeks after their split.”

“Her original [social media] post about their breakup did provide the truth,” Kayla claims. “In her own words, ‘nobody cheated.’”

“She was definitely embarrassed for everyone to find out that Jay left her, so that was why she was so quick to post and say it was nobody’s fault, and made sure she could speak for the both of them,” she adds.

Kayla concludes: “It was her fault, and that’s the bottom line. She has a lot of working on herself to do.” Jay certainly knows how to have women believe any nonsense that he feeds them, it seems.

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