‘It f**king devastated me’ Adele shares insight into split from ex-husband Simon Konecki

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British superstar Adele has told her that her split from husband Simon Konecki “f*****g devastated” her. In a new interview the award-winning singer, 33, told how she felt “embarrassed” over the divorce, adding that she “didn’t like” who she was at the time.

I was embarrassed


In a new interview, the star shared an insight into her split from her businessman husband.

Speaking about the separation from the father of her son, Angelo, Adele explained how it made her question who she was.

She said: “I didn’t really know myself. I thought I did.

“I don’t know if it was because of my Saturn return or if it was because I was well and truly sort of heading into my thirties, but I just didn’t like who I was.”

The singer candidly told how having the knowledge of her divorce made public for her fans to learn was “devastating”.

She continued: “Then having so many people that I don’t know, know that I didn’t make that work … it f*****g devastated me.

“I was embarrassed.”

Adele explained she felt that way because she thought she hadn’t done a good enough job of her marriage.

“No one made me feel embarrassed, but you feel like you didn’t do a good job,” she told The Rolling Stone magazine.

Earlier this year Adele opened up for the first time about her marriage to Vogue’s Giles Hattersley.

Speaking to the glossy magazine, the award-winning singer spoke candidly about her nine-year relationship with her ex-husband.

The singer said: “We got married when I was 30… and then I left.”

When asked when she decided to end the marriage, Adele revealed that she was too “embarrassed” to go into further detail about the painful split.

She replied: “I’m not gonna go into that detail.

“Remember I am embarrassed. This is very embarrassing,” she added.

However, she admitted: “It wasn’t very long.”

Earlier this year, the Rolling In The Deep singer finalised her divorce from the charity CEO after separating in 2019.

Documents have confirmed that the pair share custody of their son, Angelo, eight, who they welcomed in 2012.

The megastar sparked a frenzy back in 2017 when she referred to Simon as “my husband” during an acceptance speech at the Grammys.

But court documents reveal that the pair were officially married the year after.

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