Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield Spark Feud Rumors Following Awkward Interview

The ‘Insecure’ star and the ‘Atlanta’ actor recently stopped by ‘The View’ to promote their latest movie ‘The Photograph’, and people couldn’t help but notice how awkward the two were.

AceShowbiz -Is Issa Rae not getting along with Lakeith Stanfield (Keith Stanfield)? People start to wonder whether or not the two actors are beefing with each other following their recent appearance on “The View” to promote their latest movie “The Photograph“.

During the interview, Issa and Lakeith discussed the importance of telling black love stories through the movie with the former saying she was “honored to be a part of that.” At one point, one of the hosts pointed out that they would make a perfect couple, to which the “Atlanta” star awkwardly replied, “I mean… That’s kind of happened in the movie, you know.”

Those who watched the interview couldn’t help but notice how awkward the atmosphere was and some even started wondering whether Lakeith and Issa are beefing. “I was blaming it on Issa not being a great actress, but maybe they hate each other and she just couldn’t fake it,” one said, as another commented, “Issa and Lakeith kind of look like they aren’t into each other. They were sitting so far apart and there chemistry was unbearably off. This whole interview seemed off and I hope these two are okay.”

“They look like they really don’t like each other, or they want to be somewhere else. Oh, that’s painful to watch,” someone else similarly wrote, as a different person pointed, “They look like that couple that got into a fight in the car on the way to their friends party but once they get their still have to act like it’s all good.”

Further adding fuel to the feud rumors, a source claimed that Issa and Lakeith were butting heads on the set of the movie. However, the two allegedly were forced to promote the movie together hence the awkward interview.

Neither Issa nor Lakeith has responded to the rumors.

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