Iggy Azalea Is Our Instagram Queen Of The Week — See Her Sizzling Hot Looks

Iggy Azalea’s Instagram has been on pure fire this past week! Check out her hottest looks she’s recently shared with her followers!

Iggy Azalea is always treating her fans to the sexiest pics, but this week she outdid herself. Ahead of her upcoming EP Survive The Summer, which is pretty a appropriate name considering the incoming heat waves and tense political climate, Iggy took to Instagram to show off her album cover art — and it’s unbelievable sexy. While Iggy holds a flower, a woman covers her naked breasts from behind. But that’s not the only hot pic she’s posted. Check out all of her sexy Instagram pics she’s taken in the past seven days and beyond with our Instagram Queen gallery above!

And if there’s anyone who loves Iggy’s sexy Instagram pics, it’s Tyga. Apparently, the two have been very casually hooking up for quite some time now on the DL. “Iggy and Tyga have been secretly hooking-up for months but she’s keeping it very casual, no strings and no rules,” a friend of Iggy’s EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “He’d love to lock her down but she won’t commit. She doesn’t trust Tyga, but it’s not becasue of anything he’s done. She doesn’t trust men period after everything Nick (Young) did to her. She’s still not over the pain of that and her defense mechanism is to not let any guy get too close. Tyga’s for sure paying the price for what Nick did. But it’s not putting him off, if anything it’s making him want her more.

Recently the two were spotted very much together on the set of one of her music videos. With Iggy in a mesh bodysuit, the rapper sprawled out on a bed while draping herself all over Tyga’s shoulders. We’ll keep you posted if we spy the two out and about together again!

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