‘I was a mess’ Ronan Keating ‘couldn’t handle’ his wife Storm’s health scare

Ronan Keating discusses how he reacted to wife's surgery

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Ronan Keating, 44, has admitted he “couldn’t handle” his wife Storm Keating, 40, being taken into surgery, with the possibility she could not walk again. In lockdown, Storm suffered from a prolapsed disc, which turned into Cauda Equina syndrome.

I had tears streaming down my face.

Ronan Keating

After suffering with a prolapsed disc in lockdown, Storm tried to carry on working as normal, however this took a back turn when she began to feel a lot of pain.

She was diagnosed with cauda equina syndrome, a severe type of spinal stenosis which can cause compression in the low nerves leading to a loss of sensation, incontinence and paralysis if not treated immediately.

Speaking with Ronan on The Late Late Show with John Tubridy, the Boyzone singer told John he “couldn’t handle” his wife being ill.

He said: “I was a mess, I couldn’t handle it.

“I couldn’t go into the hospital because of Covid.

“We found out she had to go into surgery and we were told of what could happen, like she might not be able to walk again.”

Ronan explained how distressed he was due to Covid measures meaning he couldn’t go and see his wife.

He continued: “I can’t do anything, I can’t even go in and hold her hand.

“I had tears streaming down my face in my car outside waiting for the doctor to text me.”

Storm is thankfully doing well now, having discussed the week-long ordeal to Ryan earlier on the show.

She said: “I had a prolapsed disc, a very common injury but it did keep escalating and you know I was a little foolish and kept pushing and worked through it thinking I would be okay.

“Until I got to a point where I found myself in a hospital in a lot of pain and they had said to me we have run out of options now you are going to need surgery.

“However, on day three I woke up in the hospital and I had lost everything from the waist down.”

Distressed, Storm continued: “I was completely numb. My condition had kicked into what’s called Cauda Equina syndrome.”

Storm said she was not too worried before the operation but after she was told everything was okay afterwards, the star had an overwhelming feeling of emotion.

At the time, Storm posted an Instagram about her terrifying ordeal.

She said: “If it wasn’t for Dr Aftab and his acute diligence, care, attentiveness and skills, I would not be walking out of this hospital with the prospects of leading the normal life I had always envisioned I would.

“There are no words that will ever come close to describing my gratitude to you Syed, thank you.”

Ronan and Storm ended their appearance on The Late Late Show with the couple performing a cover of The Blower’s Daughter.

The couple have been married since 2015 and share two children together.

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