Huge sum Katie Price squandered on her men revealed as she ‘goes bankrupt’

She’s reportedly set to declare herself bankrupt in a forthcoming special of Katie Price: My Crazy Life, leaving many wondering what on earth happened to her £45million?

From reported £2,000-a-month heating bills to a £22,000 unpaid tax debt, Katie Price’s finances appear to have been spiralling out of control for some time.

But according to reports, she’s laying all the blame at her exes’ doors.

"I will be out of bankruptcy in a year. It’s not that bad," she says on her reality show, according to The Sun .

"I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of anymore.

"Loads of people go through it like me.

"It’s just a matter of going through the motions. This is what has to be."

So how much exactly did the thrice-married star squander on her men?

Kieran Hayler

Katie Price and Kieran Hayler pose for wedding pictures in the Bahamas

She’s currently in the process of divorcing husband number three after he proved unable to keep his mini Kieran in his pants.

But their three-year relationship is said to have been a pricey one, excuse the pun, with KP rumoured to have paid off his £50,000 credit card debt.

“Kieran’s one of the biggest reasons she’s in debt. When they first got together, he had £50,000 worth of debt on credit cards and Katie paid it all off,” a source told The Sun.

“But then he’d keep spending each month on his cards, this would mount up to a few thousand every time, and she’d keep having to pay it off.”

She also splashed a whopping £100,000 on an Audi R8 Spyder for his 30th birthday in March 2017, and apparently had to start shopping at Aldi because he was allegedly blowing £500 a week on food.

Alex Reid

Katie Price and Alex Reid
(Image: ITV)

Their marriage didn’t even make it to the one-year mark, but at the time of their split in 2011 he was reportedly to have demanded a £6million settlement, although Katie is said to have thought £700,000 was more appropriate.

Whilst together she’s said to have given him a weekly allowance, and after their split she apparently gave him a monthly payment.

"With Alex, she had to give him a weekly spends and part of their divorce included him getting a monthly payment. It mounts to well over £2 million in ‘boyfriend fees,’" a source told The Sun.

Since then, Alex has branded their time together as the ‘prostitute years’, claiming he hated plugging products to bolster their wealth.

"The celebrity world doesn’t really make me money – it might do for Katie, but it’s a pretty crappy life having to sell your soul to make a living. I call it the prostitute years and now it’s self worth," he said.

Leandro Penna

Katie and Leandro had a whirlwind romance in 2011 which ended in a short-lived engagement
(Image: Wireimage)

According to The Sun, Katie also covered her Argentinian ex-boyfriend’s expenses and coughed up a six-figure sum to buy his silence after their split.

"She did the same with Leandro, in fact, he was on the payroll, as part of the household staff," a source claimed.

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