Here’s The New Show You Should Watch This Week

Streamline recommends the second season premiere of “Dear White People” as the new show you should watch this week.

Although Netflix Originals have often dominated the weekly Streamline ranking, this is the first Netflix standout to join in awhile.

This show gives you a lot to love. The characters are fun to watch and hang out with. There are many nuanced and strong points made about contemporary American life and (as you can expect, given the name) race relations post-Donald Trump. It’s legitimately funny. And this is one of the more accurate portrayals of youth culture out there right now.

Watch the trailer for Season 2 in the ranking list below. You can read more about the show at the Netflix Streamline.

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Other Notable New Shows This Week

“Cobra Kai” on YouTube Red. Season 1. This is an extension of the ’80s “The Karate Kid” film series and stars Ralph Macchio and William Zabka. This, kind of surprisingly, actually got decent reviews.

“The Rain” on Netflix. Season 1. This is a Danish import and a virus-genre show. It’s a bit geared for a younger crowd, but it’s fairly decent. Read more at the Netflix Streamline.

“Vida” on Starz. Season 1. A family drama that focuses on Mexican-American sisters.

Recent Shows That Also Are Decent

“The Americans” on FX. Season 6.

“Bosch” on Amazon Prime. Season 4.

“Champions” from NBC, also on Hulu. Season 1. Read more at the Hulu Streamline.

“High Maintenance” on HBO. Season 2.

“Legion” on FX. Season 2.

“The Looming Tower” on Hulu. Read more at the Hulu Streamline.

“Lost in Space” on Netflix. Season 1. Read more at the Netflix Streamline.

“National Treasure: Kiri” on Hulu. Read more at the Hulu Streamline.

“Portlandia” on IFC. Season 8. 

“Santa Clarita Diet” on Netflix. Season 2. Read more at the Netflix Streamline.

“3%” on Netflix. Season 2. Read more at the Netflix Streamline.

Assorted Streaming News

“Westworld” and “The Handmaid’s Tale” both earned renewals for third seasons. Big surprise!

Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon will commentate on the royal wedding for HBO. They will be portraying their characters, Cord and Tish, which are parodies of local news anchors.

Hulu now has more than 20 million subscribers in the United States.

Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” might be coming back, but this time on Fox instead of ABC. Remember when Allen said being a conservative in Hollywood is like being Jewish in 1930s Germany? Very funny.

And FX ordered a “What We Do in the Shadows” remake into a television series. That 2014 vampire parody movie was written by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement. The duo will write the new series too.

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The Weekly Streamline Ranking Of All TV

Every week, Streamline ranks the best shows to watch right now. There are rankings for the streaming services Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, as well as an overall ranking for all current television shows.

The ranking prioritizes newness, quality and potential mass appeal. Read below the list for a more elaborate explanation into the methodology. 

For the weekend of May 5, “Atlanta” tops the list for the 10th time. The season is almost over and Streamline is going to leave this show in the top spot through the entirety of its run.

“Atlanta” is definitely a strong contender to be the best show of the year. This season very well may be one of the best of the decade.

You can catch up on the first season on Hulu, and then watch new episodes at the FX website. (You’ll need a cable subscription.)

Good luck this week. Hope this helps. 

A note on ranking methodology:

Streamline recommendations do not include reality shows, game shows, awards shows, news shows and other programs that aren’t streaming online.

Along with HuffPost’s own “research” (watching countless hours of TV), Streamline opinions are informed by critical reviews from publications like The New York Times, Vulture, The A.V. Club, The Ringer and Collider, and aggregators like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.

Shows can appear on the main list for two months after their most recent season’s final episode. Shows that debut all episodes at once will also be eligible for only two months.

If broadcast shows want a chance at showing up on the main list, they should make their episodes easily available to stream.

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