Here’s the best time to book a summer holiday for the cheapest hotel prices

British holidaymakers could save up to 49% off hotel stays during the summer and it’s all down to when you book your holiday.

TripAdvisor’s ‘Best Time to Book’ report looked at average summer prices across 15 popular destinations, to determine just when you could be bagging the best bargains.

It’s good news for early birds, as the study revealed that it’s actually better to plan several months in advance rather than booking last minute if you’re after the best rates.

In fact, only two destinations had cheaper prices for bookings less than a month before; New York City and Tokyo.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been considering a city break to Dubai then you may want to book within three months of the trip, as the research revealed that you could save up to 49% off hotel rooms.

Which means more money to spend on the city’s theme parks, shopping malls and attractions.

Cancun required the most advanced booking for the best deals, with rooms up to 11% cheaper when booked between 5-8 months ahead of the trip. So although it’s too late for this year, it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for 2019.

You can check out the full list of destinations and when to book for the best deals below…

Book 3-9 months in advance

Barcelona: savings of up to 23%

Rome: savings of up to 22%

Prague: savings of up to 20%

Cancun: savings of up to 11% (When booked 5-8 months ahead)

Book 2-7 months in advance

Paris: savings of up to 19%

Orlando: savings of up to 15% (When booked within five months)

Buenos Aires: savings of up to 12% (When booked within 3-6 months)

Book within 3 months

Dubai: savings of up to 49%

Bangkok: savings of up to 16%

Hanoi: savings of up to 14% (When booked within two months)

Singapore: savings of up to 14%

Cape Town: savings of up to 12% (When booked within two months)

Book within 5 weeks

Sydney: savings of up to 25%

Book within 1 month

New York: savings of up to 40%

Tokyo: savings of up to 30%

The best all-inclusive holiday deals and expert tips to find an unbeatable package break

Of course it’s worth noting that the data only looked at hotel bookings, not package holidays – and there are some destinations working out very cheap for Brits after all-inclusive packages this summer .

TripAdvisor spokesperson Hayley Coleman said: "Getting the best hotel deal for your summer holidays is not just about finding the best dates to travel, it’s also about being smart about when you book your hotel for the dates you’ve selected.

"Holiday-goers who time it right can save a huge amount compared to the average prices others will pay.

"For most destinations, you can feel confident you are getting the best deal if you book a few months ahead of your trip, but it can vary depending on the destination, so it’s worth being savvy in your research."

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