‘Have to get real jobs!’ Phil Collins bids farewell to showbiz in final ever Genesis show

Phil Collins admits he can 'barely hold a drumstick'

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Musical legend Phil Collins has enjoyed an on-off career with Genesis for 50 years, ever since replacing John Mayhew in 1970. Now the frail star, who has suffered from increasingly debilitating health problems of late, has said goodbye to fans at his final performance ever, during an emotional last stand in London yesterday night.

It’s the last show for Genesis. After tonight we all have to get real jobs!

Phil Collins

Percussionist and vocalist Phil was so frail that he was forced to sit down for his appearance at London’s 02, supported by bandmates Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks.

However the 71-year-old remained in good spirits for the poignant send-off show, quipping that he would now be forced to get “a real job”.

Crowds gave the group, which over the years achieved over 100 million record sales, a standing ovation in response.

Sadly not all former members were present on the night, with stars such as 72-year-old Peter Gabriel notably absent, but the trio still delivered an emotionally impactful show.

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“It’s the last stop of our tour, and it’s the last show for Genesis,” Phil told the assembled crowd.

“After tonight we all have to get real jobs.”

Fans had been eagerly anticipating this climactic farewell show for months, after the originally scheduled 2021 dates had to be postponed due to Covid restrictions.

Phil’s followers also missed out back in 2017, when two solo concerts at the Royal Albert Hall had to be cut out, following a fall in his hotel room.

Yet this show promised to be everything that Genesis fans had been hoping for.

Phil’s health had been on the decline ever since a 2007 tour with the band had left him with a dislocated vertebra in his neck, which subsequently caused nerve damage in his hands.

Back surgery in 2015 followed, causing him to rely on a walking stick to get around.

By the time of the farewell shows on this year’s The Last Domino? tour, he had ended up recruiting his 20-year-old son Nic to assist with playing the drums.


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Yet even from his seated position at the front of the stage, the In The Air Tonight singer did not disappoint long-term followers of the band.

Despite revealing on BBC Breakfast News last year that he could “barely hold a drumstick”, nothing was going to stop him from bidding a final farewell to his showbiz career.

“[It’s] very frustrating because I would love to be able to play [drums] with my son,” he admitted.

“I would love that, but I can barely hold a wand with this hand.”

Though the question mark in the tour’s title had given him a chance to reverse his intention never to play live with Genesis again, he has indicated that this time his live shows are over for good.

He also told the Parisian in another rare tell-all interview that he was no longer seeking material things.

He added more optimistically he was looking forward to his retirement from the stage as it would give him an opportunity to “just stop and smell the roses”.

While Phil enjoys a slower paced life, his children are beginning to follow in his showbiz footsteps.

In particular, daughter Lily is excelling as an actress, having recently starred as central character Emily Cooper in the hit Netflix drama Emily in Paris.

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