Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers say accuser is trying to ‘conceal’ truth

Attorneys for disgraced media mogul Harvey Weinstein claim a Netflix producer who accused their client of rape is trying to make herself look like more of a victim — by randomly redacting court documents in their civil court case.

“Plaintiff’s proposed redactions do not contain any private, confidential, or otherwise sensitive information,” Weinstein’s lawyers wrote in response to proposed email redactions from lawyers for Alexandra Canosa, who claims in a Manhattan federal court lawsuit that she was repeatedly raped by the fallen film producer.

“Rather, they are nothing more than greetings, salutations, and expressions of affection. Again, Plaintiff and Defendant had a long time known consensual relationship. Plaintiff is attempting to use this Court’s Order to inhibit Mr. Weinstein from using any correspondence that does not support Plaintiff’s allegations.”

The documents go on to accuse Canosa of attempting to conceal “the truth surrounding her long time relationship with Mr. Weinstein.”

Canosa sued Weinstein in May 2018, claiming he attacked and threatened her over a five year period.

Her lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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