Halle Berry At 51: How She Has The Body Of A 30-Year-Old — Check Out Her ‘Tuff Tire’ Workout Video

Halle Berry showed off how hammering a tire with a sledgehammer is a great way to get a buff body. We’ve got the video of her wild workout.

Halle Berry‘s got such a commitment to fitness that she dedicates a workout every Friday to her fans on Instagram. The 51-year-old has the body of a woman half her age thanks to her trainer and “secret weapon” Peter Lee Thomas and they’ve come up with the wildest exercise yet. Even though it was raining out  the two did what she called “our Tuff Tire Thursday workout” where she got a full body workout by using a heavy sledgehammer to pound on a great big tire. She also pulled on it, and boy does that tire look heavy. She combined it with some boxing along with sprints, and thanks to a rainy day she got to cool off from any sweat.

“We bring it every Thursday rain or shine! We had a workout planned and it rained and we decided to stick with our plan. I have to say I felt so good that we didn’t let the rain defeat us. WE DID IT ANYWAY! So today I challenge you to do it anyway. No matter what comes up that threatened to derail your fitness plan, tell yourself ‘I win’ and do it ANYWAY!” she captioned the workout video on her Instagram.

The Oscar winner explained that “For this workout we pulled out this ginormous tire and got busy. Finding an old used tractor tire is relatively easy,” via her stories she included seven exercises with it “that will give you a full body workout. They will challenge your overall body strength, core and even cardio.” Halle has become an exercise fiend ever since joining forces with Peter, and the payoff is the best body of her life at the age of 51. Even Peter is amazed at her commitment to fitness and found it hard to believe what her actual age is. “I had no idea what her age was when I met her. I never looked or was interested in that and when I found out I was absolutely shellshocked because she has the discipline and athleticism of a 25-year old,” Peter told People. She also now has the body of a 25-year-old as well!

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