Glenn Close is convinced Oreos changed their formula to be easier to open

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I read this interview with Glenn Close in Parade and found it interesting without much to focus on for a story. It’s cool that she lives in Montana now and I can relate to wanting to dress up and having no occasion to in the country. Also she said some stuff about being single that rang true for me. The best part is the quick Q&A at the end though. She talked about her favorite sweets and she’s one of us. Coffee ice cream is also my favorite flavor but I limit myself to getting it at the ice cream shop for that reason. Glenn’s favorite treat is Oreos and she’s so addicted to them she won’t keep them in the house. She’s a traditionalist Oreo-eater and doesn’t mess with any weird flavors or varieties. She also says that they must have changed their formula to be easier to open.

On her past marriages to non-showbiz men and what she’s looking for
“It’s not a good mix. To stay an artist, you have to be with people who understand that and don’t expect you to have their outlook on the world. It really is like two different languages…

“It’d be wonderful to have somebody to, you know, look at the sunset with and do stuff with. I must say, at this point in my life, I don’t want to be invaded in certain ways. I feel great about myself.”

What she’s reading
“I usually read biographies. Right now, I’m reading James Baldwin’s Go Tell It on the Mountain, and I’ve been reading Toni Morrison, [Ibram X. Kendi’s] How to Be an Antiracist and Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste because I’m trying to really assimilate, as best I can, what it’s been like to be in a Black body in this country.”

Her favorite treats
“Coffee ice cream. I also love Doritos. And Oreos. I’m obsessed with Oreos, so I can’t buy them. And it has to be the original; it can’t be Super Stuf, or whatever. They’re actually changing, and I’ve been meaning to write the cookie company. It used to be that to get the chocolate part off, you had to really be good, because it was hard. Now it’s much easier, so I think they’ve changed the ingredients. You take off the chocolate part, then you scrape out the lard with your teeth, and then you put it on your mouth like a communion wafer. Oh, so good. See? My mouth is watering.”

[From Parade]

I’m also a former Catholic but the only thing we pretended were communion wafers were Necco wafers, they’re the best for that. I love Necco wafers and I don’t care if you think they’re chalky! They’ll always remind me of my childhood and I still buy them for that reason. I’m not a cookie or Oreo person but I appreciate when people have a particular treat they love. I googled “did Oreos change their formula” and the consensus is that something changed in 2016 when they moved production to Mexico. Oreo denied that the formula changed at that point, but enthusiasts started complaining about the taste around that time. I don’t understand why it would be a problem that they’re easier to open though. Does it take away the feeling of accomplishment you get or does it make eating them too easy? I always put my candy in the freezer so I’m forced to suck it longer. It probably slows me down about 20%.

Also I liked the way she talked about BLM and learning about racism and white supremacy. I am not going to watch Hillbilly Elegy but I wouldn’t be mad if Glenn won an Oscar for it.

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This lady is a national treasure

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