Gary Neville hands out his end-of-season awards on Monday Night Football

Gary Neville has picked Kevin De Bruyne as his player of the season despite Mohamed Salah winning the PFA Player of the Season award.

The Monday Night Football pundit handed out his end-of-season awards after Tottenham beat Watford 2-0 at Wembley.

Neville offered his take on player, young player, manager, goal, signing, most improved, moment and save of the season, as well as including one to watch for next season.

Here are Neville’s picks, which are bound to cause plenty of debate:

Neville’s Top 5 Goals of the Season

5. Vardy vs West Brom

4. Wanyama vs Liverpool

3. Daniels vs Man City

2. Willian vs Brighton

1. Rooney vs West Ham

And which one could Neville replicate? "Maybe the Daniels one, once every three or four seasons… in training," Neville remarked.

Player of the season: Kevin De Bruyne

"It was down to the two for me, Salah and De Bruyne. You couldn’t argue with either. I disagreed with some of the sentiment after the award, how could you give it to Salah or De Bruyne? It’s one person’s opinion. You just do what’s right for you.

"For me this season, all the way through, I’ve always stayed with De Bruyen, he’s brought quality that you very rarely see, passes, contriolling of a football match. The ability to make David Silva look like the second best central midfield player, that’s some statement. You think of Pep Guardiola’s team, they say it’s the greatest performance by a team.

"De Bruyne has scored goals, assisted goals, controlled the tempo of football matches. Out of possession too, his reaction to giving the ball away is fantastic. He’s shown the quality you want to see. It’s a different level of quality, Salah has had an impactful season, he’s a really good player, he could be a great player, for me De Bruyne is world class."

Signing of the season: Mo Salah

"Absolutely the signing of the season. This season is still going on for Liverpool.

"The opportunity to get into a Champions League final. Definitely the signing of the season. Jurgen Klopp deserves credit, he’s signed players who fit his model. He’d be a nightmare to play against.

"He makes the right movements all the time. Biggest impact from last summer."

Young player of the season: Leroy Sane

"No brainer. Sane. Nothing phases him, he beats players from one box to another. His movement is great, I don’t see him dropping a level.

"More goals, more assists, look at Arjen Robben, a player you want to emulate if you’re Sane. He’s more like that than Ryan Giggs.

"I see Sane who predominantly works from out to in."

Manager of the season: Pep Guardiola

"Roy Hodgson deserves a mention, I think Sean Dyche comes close. I think Jurgen Klopp is having a great season. I have to say it’s Pep Guardiola just for the outstanding football City produce.

"If Jurgen Klopp was to win the Champions LEague… well, let’s hope!"

Most improved player: Raheem Sterling

"Without a shadow of a doubt, the leap in goals and assists. I didn’t think he was capable of that. I could have gone Kevin De Bruyne. Otamendi is a big shift."

Save of the season:

Neville said: "I’m more interested in how comfortable they make saves look, are they in the right position to start with? That’s the thing that can fool me and everybody sometimes. I thought the Elliot save and Courtois one was difficult.

"De Gea makes saves where nobody else would have saved that, the save at Anfield is the stand-out save of the season from the stand-out goalkeeper. You think it’s a goal. He’s doing the splits at full stretch. A brilliant reaction."

Moment of the season: De Bruyne’s winner vs Chelsea

"Not necessarily the best moment, I thought, ‘oh, these are good and he’s good.’ Keeping the ball, the speed of the play, the incisiveness. I thought, ‘this is a different City.’ There could be a problem here, from a United point of view, this could be tough."

One to watch: Mohamed Salah

"Just to understand whether this is an absolute freak, what I’ve seen of Salah, back at Basel and Chelsea, but that was a jump out of nowhere.

"You normally see players getting better. To me, it’s the most intriguing thing, whether that player is that player, or a 20 goals per season. If he goes on to score 43 next season, into the Ronaldo and Messi numbers, is he that player?"

Neville also picked his Team of the Year, and explained why he chose Roberto Firmino over Sergio Aguero.

"When I watch Liverpool, he is the catalyst for me," Neville explained on Monday Night Football. "I think that if you were Pep Guardiola, you would want him as your striker, the runs forward and the runs back.

"I think he doesn’t get the credit that Salah gets, obviously Salah has had a fantastic season, but for me Firmino deserves to be in."

And Neville also admitted to changing his mind on another Liverpool player with Andy Robertson beating out Chelsea’s Marcos Alonso to line up at left-back.

"I am going to go with Robertson as Liverpool are having a great season," Neville noted. "And I think he’s been the best left-back this season."

Christian Eriksen also just missed out, with Neville conceding he had to fit in Raheem Sterling or Leroy Sane – with the England international winning out.

"I felt as if I had to get in Sterling or Sane," Neville revealed when asked why Eriksen had been omitted. "I hate to think of him [Sane] wearing a City shirt, he can be one of the great players.

"What made me go for Raheem in the end is the big moments. He had an influence. I’ll go for Raheem Sterling."

Team of the season

De Gea, Walker, Kompany, Vertonghen, Robertson, Salah, De Bruyne, Silva, Sterling, Kane, Firmino.

Neville’s end-of-season awards

Player: De Bruyne

Young player: Sane

Manager: Guardiola

Goal: Rooney vs West Ham

Most improved: Sterling

Signing: Salah

Moment: De Bruyne’s winner and Man City’s display vs Chelsea

Save: De Gea vs Liverpool

One to watch: Salah

Do you agree with Gary Neville that De Bruyne was the player of the season?


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