‘Frozen’ Star Patti Murin Expresses Gratitude for Support Following Panic Attack

The Broadway star also reveals that she is ‘feeling so much better’ after being forced to skip a performance due to the attack.

Broadway star Patti Murin has thanked her “Frozen” bosses and co-stars for their support after she was forced to pull out of a performance of the musical during a panic attack last week. Murin, who plays Anna in the show, was a no-show onstage on April 17 after suffering “a massive anxiety attack” hours before her curtain call

Now, she’s speaking out about her mental health issues and thanking those among the cast and crew who have her back. “I’m feeling so much better,” she tells Deadline. “You know people go through it but you don’t actually realise how many people do, or how much we don’t talk about it – because we’re living it, but we’re living it by ourselves…”

She continues, “You feel so alone while you’re having a panic attack, even though my husband was sitting right next to me and doing everything he could. You still feel like you’re by yourself… I wish there was some sort of, like, magic simulator that people could go into for 30 seconds and be like, ‘Oh, OK, that’s what it feels like – that’s awful’. It’s not like, ‘OK, just calm down, just think happy thoughts’. It doesn’t work like that.”

But Patti couldn’t be more grateful for the people who have supported her at times of crisis. “The great thing about Disney is that they hired me knowing that I am very open about my struggles,” she adds. “You’ll know my opinion about anything. I’m not really the picture perfect Disney princess, you know what I mean? I’m not all sunshine and rainbows…”

She goes on saying, “Disney hired me knowing that I’ve got a blog where I’ve talked about, like, my divorce (her first marriage), and my depression, and they’ve been nothing but supportive. When I texted my stage manager that I was going to be out on Tuesday and I said I think it’s a panic attack, her immediate response was, ‘Are you OK? Are you alone? Is your husband there? Let me know what I can do’. And that is basically the way everyone has operated these last couple of days.”

And her co-star, Caissie Levy, stepped up to help her when they were touring the musical in Colorado and she suffered a panic attack.

“She took care of me that day,” she tells the outlet. “She drew me a bath. She made me soup. She let me sleep in her bed. I told the other people I was on stage with… ‘This is what’s happening, I had a massive panic attack, you might have to pull a little bit more weight tonight because I might not be able to’. I told my dresser Katie the same thing. It definitely took a village that night, because I’m on stage for most of the show, and I don’t really have time to breathe, but everyone was incredible.”

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