Finneas’ Tweet Calling Flying In Music Videos Stupid Has Fans Shading Billie Eilish

If the past year has taught the internet anything, it’s that nobody is safe from a "This you?" moment. Mega-producer Finneas’ tweet about flying in music videos being "stupid" turned a couple heads, but for all the wrong reasons. Several users pointed out on Twitter that his sister and frequent collaborator, Billie Eilish, has flown in her visuals, and suddenly the replies went from discussing his point to full-on shade.

"I’m gonna get sh*t for this but someone has to say it. No one has ever looked cool flying/floating in a music video. You are dangling," Finneas tweeted on Feb. 9. "If you think this is about your fave, it’s NOT – EVERYONE has made a stupid a*s flying/floating music video."

The replies were pretty funny at first, with fellow musician Charlie Puth chiming in to provide his own experience for Finneas’ analysis. "I have done a video like this," Puth wrote. Finneas jokingly replied that while he hadn’t seen Puth’s video, he bet it looked "stupid," too. His comment might sound harsh at first, but it’s hard not to laugh while visualizing your favorite multi-millionaire recording artist hanging from a crane in front of a green screen.

Some users agreed with Finneas’ original sentiment, but all it took was one screenshot of one of Eilish’s visuals to get users laughing at and meme-ing his original tweet. "Tell your sister that," one user replied with a screencap of the 19-year-old singer floating. Finneas didn’t acknowledge the comment, seemingly because he already addressed that the tweet wasn’t about anyone in particular, but that didn’t stop people from pointing out the irony of the situation over and over.

Eilish famously floated in her music video for "Bury A Friend," one of the standout singles from her debut album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? Although it’s highly unlikely Finneas was throwing any shade towards his younger sister, his tweet will surely be brought up again if any of their future collaborations are accompanied by a music video with one of them floating or flying in it.

Several other screenshots of celebrities’ music videos were added to the thread of floating singers, including Harry Styles and Dua Lipa. It seems like every A-lister has tried the stunt at least once, and even if it seems corny upon rewatching their videos, it was probably really fun to do IRL.

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