‘Feel really guilty’ Zoe Ball issued apology from BBC Radio 2 guest amid chaotic interview

Romesh Ranganathan apologises to Zoe Ball

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Zoe Ball got an apology from Romesh Ranganathan on BBC Radio 2 today after the comedian’s WiFi kept cutting out at the start of their interview, forcing her to take an early music break. The Zoe Ball Breakfast show presenter also apologised to comedian and presenter Romesh, who eventually managed to get his signal back later on in the broadcast.


Zoe, 51, interviewed Romesh, 44, on her show today as the comedian promoted his new BBC One sitcom Avoidance.

However, moments into appearing live on air, Romesh’s WiFi proved to be rather patchy, which led to a chaotic start to their interview. 

“Oh no! We’ve lost Romesh, oh dear…” Zoe exclaimed as the comedian’s voice cut out. 

Zoe then informed the sitcom star he was “dipping in and out” while he was trying to tell a story.

“Oh, I’m sorry – I was telling such an amazing anecdote that I don’t know if I can recreate the quality of that,” Romesh quipped. 

The comedian attempted to carry on, but he quickly dipped out again. 

At this point, Zoe suggested she should play some music in the meantime so Romesh could “get a better line”. 

She told him to “hold tight”, before cheekily adding that the star’s frozen Zoom image “looked quite dashing”.

The Radio 2 presenter then hastily cut to Donna Summer’s track On The Radio. 

When she returned, she nervously asked if Romesh was “still there”. 

“I’m really sorry,” a clearer-sounding Romesh told Zoe. “This is putting a lot of pressure on this interview isn’t it. I’m really sorry.” 

Zoe chuckled before adding that she wasn’t worried because “you always bring it”. 

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As the interview was drawing to a close, Zoe issued her own apology to the comedian.

“We love you Romesh. Thank you so much and I’m sorry about the Zooming…”

“No listen, it’s not your fault,” Romesh interrupted.

“I’m really sorry. I felt really guilty and that’s something that’s going to stay with me for the rest of the day now, so… That’s a thing to worry about.”

Zoe laughed at the comedian’s admission, replying: “I love that, yeah. You feel really bad about that all day Romesh.

She couldn’t help but clear up her sarcastic comment however, adding: “Don’t ever feel bad, lots of love darling. See you soon!”

The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show airs weekdays from 6:30am on BBC Radio 2.

Episode two of Avoidance airs this Friday at 9.30pm on BBC One and all six episodes are available to view on iPlayer.

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