Erika Jayne Doesn't Want to Date Another Lawyer, Will Never Remarry

Erika Jayne is eliminating one specific kind of suitor … telling us she would be hard-pressed to date another lawyer like her estranged husband Tom Girardi.

We got the ‘RHOBH’ star leaving Jolie in Los Angeles and our photog asked her how her dating life is going, and if she would ever go out with a lawyer again.

Ya gotta see Erika’s initial reaction … but when we press her, she gets real … explaining why lawyers are probably not the best fit for her going forward, albeit with one big exception.

As you know, Erika is in the middle of a rocky divorce with Tom and she’s been sued for allegedly hiding assets through a “sham divorce.” Tom is accused of stealing money intended for families of the 2018 Lion Air Flight 610 crash victims.

Remember … Erika says intelligence and money are the two most important factors in a partner, while looks and age are lower on the totem pole … and now we know lawyers are out of bounds.

Erika’s not dating anyone at the moment … but if she ever does find a match, she tells us if another walk down the aisle is in the cards.

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