Earthquake In LA: Chrissy Teigen & More Stars Tweet After Early Morning Rumble Wakes Them

Did you just feel that? A 4.5 magnitude earthquake rocked the LA area early on May 8, and obviously, everyone tweeted about it. See reactions from Chrissy Teigen and more!

Don’t panic — this wasn’t the Big One! Southern California was rocked with a 4.5 magnitude earthquake around 5:00am PT on May 8, and while that isn’t terribly high on the richter scale, residents were still totally freaked out. That included celebrities living in sunny Los Angeles, who were bumped out of their beds while they were peacefully sleeping. Chrissy Teigen, Queen of Twitter, immediately hopped on at 4:50am local time to simply asked her followers, “Quake?” General Hospital and All My Children star Finola Hughes asked for answers, too. If you need answers immediately about something going on, then Twitter’s the place to turn to.

Somewhere Between star Devon Sawa shared a hilarious conversation with his wife that happened during the earthquake. While it’s always freaky to feel the ground shake, remember that this is Southern California. Some people don’t even blink when they feel a little rumble. That’s the case with Devon’s family. He said that he was worried that his toddler had woken up, but his wife told him to “relax. Get ahold of yourself. He isn’t. It was only an earthquake.” You know, we’d take that over dealing with a cranky four-year-old at 5:00 in the morning, too.

So here’s what happened (listening, celebs?). The earthquake happened in the San Bernardino Mountains, near a town called Cabazon. Cabazon is located 89 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. It was centralized near the famed San Andreas fault, according to seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones. The earthquake comes a little more than a month after a magnitude 5.3 earthquake rocked the Channel Islands off Santa Barbara County, on April 5.

So, this wasn’t the Big One. You can imagine, though, what people would be tweeting if that did happen.

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