Duggar Husbands Show Gratitude, Send Mother’s Day Messages to Long-Suffering Wives

Ahead of Mother’s Day, three of the more famous Duggar husbands have done the previously unthinkable:

They’ve said some very nice things about their better halves!

In a video filmed for TLC, the network that aired 19 Kids and Counting and now airs the spinoff Counting On, Ben Seewald starts off by revealing all the little things he notices about his wife and the mother of his kids, Jessa Duggar Seewald.

“Whenever I see Jessa as a mom I’ve just been encouraged by [the fact] she’ll just have little systems of doing things to help them grow and mature and broaden their horizons,” Ben says in this footage.

“She reads them books and gets them outside. She’s a very involved parent, so I’m thankful to her.”

Jessa and Ben are parents to two sons, Henry and Spurgeon, along with a daughter named Ivy.

They’ve been quaranting with their children for weeks now, with Jessa garnering a bit of backlash for some of her recent actions.

Elsewhere, Josiah Duggar went ahead and touched on what he loves about his wife Lauren.

These two share a young baby, Bella, who was born about half a year ago.

“Lauren does an amazing job with Bella, she really does,” says Josiah in this video, adding:

‘When I see her spending time with her, talking to her and Bella trying to communicate back, I think, ‘Man, It won’t be too long before she’s mom’s little helper around here.’

“She’ll be able to teach her all different kinds of things and it’s just exciting to see.”

This doesn’t sound like someone who wants to divorce his wife, does it?

Perhaps such recent rumors of romantic trouble are off base.

Finally, in this same video, Joe spoke out about his wife, Kendra, with whom he shares a son named Garrett and a young daughter named Addison.

Staring into her eyes, he wishes his beloved a Happy Mother’s Day … before launching into a sweet message for his leading lady and also all the moms out there.

“Happy Mother’s Day to everyone but especially my wife Kendra,” he says to the camera. “You’ve just been a great mother to our kids, just always been there for them.”

Very nice and kind words all around, right?

We often make fun of members of this family for the way they treat women and the way they look at women, but now is not the time for snark.

Even we can admit as much.

Now is the time to express similar gratitude to our wives and mothers and to all the parents out there, really.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

You’re the real heroes of the universe.

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