Drew Barrymore Says Neil Patrick Harris’ Husband David Burtka Gave Her Life-Changing Advice on Flying with Kids

Drew Barrymore is opening up about the life-changing advice that she received from Neil Patrick Harris‘ husband David Burtka.

Neil was a guest on The Drew Barrymore Show on Wednesday (December 9) and David popped in for a few minutes of the virtual interview.

Drew revealed that she was once on a flight with David when her kids were acting out. He gave her some advice that changed her life forever.

David, I really just have to say thank you again because you are so near and dear to my heart. I had a really bad flight with my kids, they were both acting out, you know 2-years-old and 3-years-old, and you are always that person on the plane just so horrified you are the one ruining everyone else’s flight,” Drew said. “And you told me, you were like, ‘I’ve been through it too, this is normal, you are doing a good job. It’s okay, try to take the stress out of your body. People aren’t as upset as you probably are projecting that they are.’”

Drew continued, “And you changed my life that day because I flew with my children everywhere all the time, I took them all over the place. And you changed flying for me because I was always so stressed and embarrassed. So thank you.”

David replied, “I’m so happy because we’ve all been there. We’ve had that crying child and you think you’re so horrified that you have this crying child that everybody is looking at you. I’m so glad you got through it. You did it with ease.”

“You contributed to one parent that was really freaking out and it’s just hard to be a parent with two kids and you just want to make it okay for everyone else and weirdly not many people are making it okay for you in that moment and that’s what you did and I will never forget it for the rest of my life, and in fact I will always pay it forward,” Drew said in response.

Watch the interview below!

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