Doja Cat Alienates Fans By Rebuking Nickname 'Kittenz' Ahead of Tour

doja cat

Doja Cat appears to be opening up a can of tough love on her staunchest fans — rebuking a pet name they’ve given themselves … and telling them to grow the hell up.

The rapper/singer has been getting some side-eye from her loyal supporters over the past few days — and it all appears to have come to a head this weekend when she shot down a term a lot of them use … which is kind of in the vein of Nicki Minaj stans.

doja cat tweet

Of course, we’re referring to the Barbz — something Nicki seems to have embraced with open arms … but the same can’t be said for Doja and her “Kittenz.” It’s a phrase some of her fans have affectionately used to brand themselves as followers of hers, but DC’s telling them to drop it … and more importantly, to get a life!

In a since-deleted tweet, Doja wrote … “my fans don’t name themselves shit. if you call yourself a ‘kitten’ or f***ing ‘kittenz’ that means you need to get off your phone and get a job and help your parents with the house.”

doja cat tweets

There are other since-deleted tweets where she’s telling fans of hers to delete their account if they’re even referencing her in their profile pic or username … and yeah, it’s a bit combative.

On the one hand — Doja crapping on the fandom is a refreshing assessment/slam of “stan” culture — which has run rampant among some of the biggest artists out there (Swifties, Barbz, Harries, Beyhive etc.) But it’s also brutally honest … so much so, in fact, Doja appears to be rubbing her “kittenz” the wrong way — to the point they’re kinda turning on her now.

You can hop into the Doja Cat trend for yourself to see how people are responding … but it would seem they’re not feeling Doja’s hot-and-cold approach to being an A-list celeb. Sometimes she’s very warm/welcoming, other times — she’s off-putting and cold. Her timeline and Twitter replies certainly suggest as much, anyway.

Here’s hoping Doja can make nice with her potential ticket-buyers soon … ’cause she’s got a tour coming up in the Fall, and she’s been promoting it like crazy.

If she wants those seats to be filled, then she might wanna stop alienating her base — they sound a little fed up.