Doctor who performed Donda West’s final surgery pens open letter to Kanye

Dr. Jan Adams, who performed Kanye West’s late mother’s final surgery, has written an open letter to the rapper in hopes of clearing his name in her death.

In the letter published by The Blast, Adams asked that the 40-year-old rapper “cease and desist” from using his photo on the cover of Kanye’s upcoming album — something the rapper recently tweeted about doing. “I don’t want to seem ungrateful … I just think that if in fact this conversion to love is genuine on your part … then it’s inappropriate to drag the negativity of the past with it,” Adams wrote.

Kanye’s mother, Donda, died in November 2007 from complications after undergoing plastic surgery performed by Adams. She was 58.

“Over the past ten years, I have tolerated all the errors, misinformation and frank lies told by reporters, journalists and people on the street out of respect for the doctor-patient privileges and your mother,” Adams wrote in the letter. “Nonetheless, do not mistake kindness for weakness.”

He claims Donda’s surgery was successful and points to the coroner’s report suggesting it was the lack of post-operative care from Kanye’s cousin Stephan Scoggins that may have led to her death.

Adams continues to tell Kanye that if he wants to heal, he should start with his own “camp who knew better and persisted with the charade in order to hide their own guilt.”

“You are a father and a family man,” Adams said. “Take the time to cherish those things … you won’t regret it. Everyone can get past this but you have to be intellectually honest.”

Kanye has already responded to the open letter on Twitter, saying, “This is amazing. Thank you so much for this connection brother. I can’t wait to sit with you and start healing.”

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