Do Old Tweets Prove Tamera Mowry-Housley 's Husband Is Racist?

One of the challenges of modern fame is social media. Although sites like Twitter and Instagram make it easy for people to connect with celebrities, they can also provide a lasting record of what someone thought at one point in time. And sometimes those thoughts can come back to haunt them. As far as Tariq Nasheed is concerned, Adam Housley’s old tweets are proof that Housley has quietly harbored racists views against Black people for a long time. But does Housley’s wife, Tamera Mowry-Housley, agree?

Who is Tariq Nasheed?

Nasheed made a name for himself in an unusual way. According to IMDb, as a young man, he traveled around the world, studying how people relate to each other in different cultures. He combined that knowledge with what he’d learned from older “hustlers” in Los Angeles, and his study of psychology. Then he put all that information together and created a system to help men seduce women. That system became a book, called The Art of Mackin’.

Nasheed went on to write several more books, produce movies, make many appearances on TV, and create a podcast called The Mack Lessons Radio Show. He is passionate about racial equity and supporting the Black community. His outspoken style hasn’t always earned him fans, and he’s even been banned from some appearances because of his controversial views. 

One example of a time when he stirred up strong reactions is when he accused Housley of being a racist — and he said Housley’s tweets proved it. 

What did Adam Housley’s Tweet?

Housley is married to Tamera Mowry-Housley, who first found fame as one of the stars of the ’90s sitcom Sister, Sister. But Housley has his own claim to fame as a former news reporter for Fox News. Because of his association with the network, which has given airtime to many racist pundits and public figures, some have accused him of being racist. Housley has denied these accusations, but Nasheed went even further. According to Atlanta Black Star, Nasheed pulled out Housley’s old tweets, so he could explain what he objects to about them. 

For instance, Nasheed noted that Housley did not comment when Black people are killed by police officers, but instead focused on criticizing the small subset of protesters who rioted and looted. When the protests in Ferguson, Missouri turned violent, Housley called the participants “opportunists” and said they should “get a life.”

Housley also tweeted a statement after the killing of Trayvon Martin that seemed to claim that George Zimmerman’s actions had no racial basis. He even suggested that the only people who were racially motivated were those who reacted to the killing, and they were working for “their own gain.”

What does Tamera Mowry-Housley think of her husband?

Housley denied being racist, and he strongly disagreed with Nasheed’s interpretation of his old tweets. But considering that Housley is in an interracial marriage, people couldn’t help but wonder if the issue caused any tension at home. He and Mowry-Housley have been married since 2011, and they have two children together. 

But if there’s any problem with Housley’s tweets, Mowry-Housley made it clear that she is firmly on her husband’s side. According to Distractify, during an appearance on The Real, she let people know where she stood on the matter.

“There are some people who think that my husband is racist because he worked for a certain channel,” she said. “I’m gonna look in that camera right there and let everybody know my husband is not a racist.” 

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