Denise Welch on Harry and Meghan’s reaction to Prince Andrew musical

Prince Andrew ‘starting to accept’ says commentator

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Loose Women star Denise Welch, 64, has made no secret of her support for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle over recent months. Now she has declared her “love” for the couple while quipping that they would have enjoyed watching Prince Andrew: The Musical.

“Bet Harry and Meghan had a brilliant night watching… with a deep crust pepperoni,” she wrote on Twitter, before adding: “Bravo #Channel4,” with a series of hand-clapping emojis in three different colours.

Just days after it was reported that King Charles had “evicted” Prince Andrew, son of the Queen, from Buckingham Palace in the wake of the Virginia Giuffre scandal, the controversial TV screening aired.

It portrayed a satirical “reimagined” version of Andrew’s life, including the TV interview he gave to declare his innocence after it emerged that he had been a friend of the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and accused of sexual assault.

Viewers were glued to their screens on the night, with some admitting they “couldn’t stop laughing” as more and more scandalous material was aired.

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Not all of Denise’s 549,000 followers were as enthused as she was over either the musical or the Duchess of Sussex, however, with @therighthonron exclaiming that Meghan’s popularity “truly beggars belief”.

Despite the tweeter declaring “The world’s gone nuts”, Denise shot back: “I love her!”

@ClaireAnna exclaimed: “Why would you applaud a family being ripped apart by hate?”

Some went a step further and blasted the former Hollyoaks actress for her comment, accusing her of being “vicious”, “bitter” and “hateful”.

“What a bitter unpleasant person you are. No wonder that you hold this woman in high respect,” @Timothy90457901 shot back.

“You have the same lack of morals and decency as she has, which amounts to about Zero.”

Yet some joined Denise in their support for Meghan, with @Joyce62412055 chiming in: “Regardless of what she does or doesn’t do she’s absolutely hammered by the media and all the horrible folk in the celebrity world.”

@ryansul81438359 added: “I don’t get why entertainers like yourself set out to be divisive, surely being broadly liked helps your career?”

Channel 4 had previously teased their much-awaited satirical story, starring Yorkshire man Kieran Hodgson, Prince Andrew: The Musical.

They said: “Don’t miss this reimagining of the former-HRH’s major life events, including THAT Emily Maitlis interview.”

Then, in a reference to Andrew’s claim that he didn’t sweat due to a medical condition, the channel joked: “All singing, all dancing, no sweating; Thursday 29th December at 9pm, Stream Free on All 4.”

Andrew had stood accused of sexually assaulting then 17-year-old Virginia Giuffre, who said she had been trafficked to him by financier Epstein.

The Prince denied any wrongdoing against Virginia, who is now 38, but agreed to pay a substantial settlement to her and to her charity for victims’ rights, which is believed to have set him back as much as £12 million.

Meanwhile, Denise has previously been involved in some explosive debates, including live on Loose Women, when she insisted that Meghan had been treated unfairly and “could do nothing right” in the eyes of some.

“The royal family have never told any lies or fibs either?” she quizzed as Jane Moore and Gloria Hunniford challenged that Meghan had been untruthful in her Oprah Winfrey interview.

Though opponents took to Twitter to accuse Denise of being “disgraceful” and “disrespectful” for shouting at Gloria, she refused to back down on her claims of double standards, insisting back in August: “The Queen supports Prince Andrew, Gloria! The Queen doesn’t say a word about Prince Andrew.”

Now Andrew’s scandalous past has been addressed before the nation – in the form of satire, at least.

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