Demi Lovato Temporarily Shuts Down Website, Fires More Staff Following Relapse Reports ‘Radar Online’

“She’s completely dropped her family members, friends and everyone in the sober community.”

Things seem to be getting a little out of control for singer Demi Lovato.

As the Inquisitr reported a few weeks ago, Lovato shocked fans by releasing her new song “Sober,” where she confesses that she has relapsed in her sobriety after six years sober. Lovato first checked herself in a rehab facility in 2010 when she was just 18-years-old. Then, in 2013, Demi entered a sober house for about a year to help deal with her drug and alcohol problems. And since the news of her relapse, it seems as though Demi’s downward spiral continues.

A new report from Radar Online shares that Lovato just fired her online team and also shut down her website for a period of time. For a while, when fans tried to enter the site, they would receive an error message, but the site appears to be back up and running again now. A source close to the singer says that Demi has gone completely off the rails and is still cutting out people from her inner circle amid the relapse.

“She’s completely dropped her family members, friends and everyone in the sober community, including all of the people at CAST. And now she is cutting off her staff who have worked with her forever.”

Because it’s been a year since #SNS here’s a throwback to my #VMAs performance last year!

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The source also goes on to call Demi a “walking contradiction.” She is currently busy promoting her new single, “Sober,” and she has been an advocate and example to her fans with drug and alcohol issues in the past, urging them to get help. But now, Demi is the one who won’t even help herself.

“She is making money off her relapse. But she is a walking contradiction, because she does not have a game plan to get clean right now,” the source dishes.

Lovato has spoken with a few friends at her sober house in Los Angeles and many have suggested that she check herself into rehab to get the help that she needs, but Demi is refusing to check into treatment. And things only get worse from there. Earlier this week, the Inquisitr shared that the songstress fired her longtime manager, Phil McIntyre, right in the midst of her “Tell Me You Love Me” tour. It was stated that McIntyre was fired because Demi wanted to go “in a different direction,” but sources close to Lovato claim that he was fired because he was the only one who would call Demi out on her bad habits and she didn’t want to hear it.

Now that her tour is winding down, hopefully, Lovato can seek the help she needs.

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