Dakota Johnson in pink Gucci at the LA ‘El Royale’ premiere: twee or lovely?

I was going to make a big deal about Chris Hemsworth’s absence at the big premiere of Bad Times at the El Royale in LA this weekend, but I think it was beyond his control. I think Hemsworth was called away to Atlanta to work on Avengers 4 or Men in Black or something. The point is that he was working, and the big premiere wasn’t so big. Incidentally, I just watched the trailer to see if Hemsworth’s role was more than a glorified cameo, and he does seem to have a major part in the ensemble. So it is notable that he wasn’t there.

In Hemsworth’s absence, Dakota Johnson was “the star” of the carpet. Dakota wore this pink Gucci gown which… eh. I’m not feeling. She’s very loyal to Gucci – she’s the face of Gucci fragrance Bloom – and I don’t really care for the collaboration. Here’s a question: do you think Dakota sometimes forgets that she’s a brunette? Or do you think she understands her coloring and what looks good with her coloring? Sometimes I get the feeling that she still thinks she’s a honey-blonde. As it is, I think this pink looks too twee on her.

…And I really cannot even start with her bangs at this point. I gave her a pass when I thought she was contractually required to have them for the Fifty Shades franchise, but she’s done filming that mess. She has these bangs because she LIKES them. Ugh.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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