Conan O'Brien Seemingly Forgives BTS' J-Hope for Calling Him 'Curtain'

Conan O’Brien and J-Hope of BTS are not two celebrities one would ever imagine having an inside joke, but thanks to an episode of Run BTS! the two are now bonded forever.

In episode 140 of BTS’ weekly variety show Run BTS!, J-Hope was asked to identify a photo of O’Brien, and he mistakenly called the late-night host “Curtain.” After the episode premiered, O’Brien found out about J-Hope’s slip-up but ultimately forgave the BTS rapper.

J-Hope called Conan O’Brien ‘Curtain’ on ‘Run BTS!’

Episode 140 of Run BTS! premiered on VLIVE and Weverse on May 4. During the episode, producer Na Young-seok of the show The Game Caterers made a guest appearance.

For the episode, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook played a game called Figure Quiz. During the game, the BTS members were shown images of famous celebrities and had to quickly name them. When it was his turn, J-Hope was shown a photo of O’Brien.

“Curtain!” J-Hope exclaimed.

As J-Hope fell to the floor with laughter, the members of BTS made fun of him for getting O’Brien’s name wrong.

“Conan! Conan!” Jin corrected J-Hope.

“You don’t know Conan?” Jimin asked.

“I got confused! So confused,” J-Hope told the members.

Conan O’Brien reacted to J-Hope on ‘Run BTS!’

After the Run BTS! episode premiered, O’Brien found out about J-Hope calling him “Curtain” and discussed it on his show, Conan. The late-night show airs on TBS, and O’Brien hosts the show with his sidekick Andy Richter.

Conan will end on June 24, and O’Brien addressed the show’s impending conclusion while talking about J-Hope.

“… when you go through a stage like this, it gets a guy thinking about stuff… What’s my impact been? What have I meant to the world?” O’Brien said. “Well, I got a little bit of a hint of this yesterday. Apparently, there was a massive variety show in Korea and the stars of this variety show, of course, was the boy band BTS.”

After praising how big of a deal the members of BTS are, O’Brien explained the game the Korean band played on Run BTS! and showed the clip of J-Hope calling him “Curtain.”

“Curtain. He called me Curtain!” O’Brien complained to Richter. “He said I was a curtain… I’ll get you, BTS. Oh, I’ll get you good. And by that, I mean, I’ll silently resent you. I have no power to do anything to you… I’m very old and on the way out, and you guys are pretty much running the world.”

J-Hope apologized to Conan O’Brien

After O’Brien talked about J-Hope on Conan, the BTS rapper tweeted an apology at the late-night host.

“Sorry,,,,, Curtain @ConanOBrien,” J-Hope tweeted from BTS’ shared Twitter account.

In a reply to the tweet, J-Hope shared a selfie to add to his apology. It appears J-Hope’s apology worked, as O’Brien shared J-Hope’s tweet and replied.

“In Hobi’s defense, Curtain makes about as much sense as being named Conan,” O’Brien tweeted, ultimately defending J-Hope.

BTS will release their new English-language single “Butter” on May 21.

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