Coco Gordon-Moore: Kim Gordon And Thurston Moore’s Daughter Appears In ‘PAPER’ Mag

Coco Gordon-Moore, the daughter of rock legends Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, appeared in ‘PAPER’ magazine.

Coco Gordon-Moore is the 23-year-old daughter of Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore. The Gen X-er has accomplished a lot in her time, including modeling on runways for Eckhaus Latta, publishing multiple chapbooks, being the face of major brand campaigns like MadeMe’s X’Girl, and has even graduated with a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Now, Coco wants to use her platform to create change in the world, according to PAPER.

Moore’s newest projects combine politics and art. Coco’s work focuses on the “intersection of sexual violence, gender, and desire,” according to PAPER magazine. Proceeds from Coco’s hard work have helped various organizations like Women of Color Against Violence, Massachusetts Bail Fund, and No Means No.

Coco Moore revealed that she has made an effort to read writers that are women of color. In addition to this, she sells her work on a sliding scale to make sure it’s accessible to all. Moore said that she doesn’t understand the art world, particularly, when an artist sells paintings for $100,000.

“The work I make is for women first and foremost, so I want to make my work affordable for them, especially low-income women.”

did a lil interview w/ Vrinda Jagota for Paper on my new chapbook “today i hate the sun” link in bio! ????

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Coco said that arts would be available to everyone. With this in mind. Coco said that she sells her art on a sliding scale to women of color and low-income women so that they can pay whatever they want.

“White men have to pay the full price. That’s literally how I am doing it.”

Coco said that not everyone can access work in the same way or has the same background. Since she is privileged to make money from modeling and give money away that she makes from art, she can sell some pieces for less.

“So I feel like anyone in this position, which I know a lot of people are in, should be doing this.”

Moore released her second chapbook by the name of, “today I hate the sun.” The book’s cover is a self-portrait that she made while in kindergarten and features poems and cover art.

Tomorrow! ???? my 2nd chapbook, “today i hate the sun” will be available to purchase on my site all proceeds will be donated to Brooklyn Community Bail Fund. #endcashbail #endcashbailnow

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Coco said that she began writing everything included in her book about a year ago. For the young author, she said that the poems were difficult to write and edit because they came from a place of “confusion and heartbreak.”

“I printed all of it at a local library and got a giant stapler and stapled them all. I’ve slowly been mailing them out.”

Coco has decided to allow the proceeds from the book sales to go to The Brooklyn Community Bail Fund. According to Gordon, this will help to “pay bail for those who cannot afford it and continues to fight to end the unjust system of cash bail.” A high cash bail keeps low-income people incarcerated for long periods of time before they have a trial.

When choosing where to donate profits from the book, Coco wondered if she should donate to an organization that specifically helps women. Ultimately, Moore decided to go with Brooklyn Community Bail Fund because she lives in Brooklyn at the moment and figured it would be a great idea to give back to the community that she has “gentrified.”

“And also, hopefully it’s raising awareness for people that don’t know about bail funds. I’m still learning about bail funds and the issues of cash bail. People have asked me what the Brooklyn Bail Fund is. I’m just trying to get the word out there that we should try and end cash bail, and at least try to give our money to bail funds until there is a better system put in place.”

Coco Thurston-Moore On Modeling

When asked if she enjoyed her modeling experience, Coco said that it depends and sometimes she feels like the photoshoot was “soul-sucking,” in particular, when she has male photographers. Coco said that it’s a little intense when men are grabbing at your body and positioning you in various ways for a photo, but she understands that it’s part of the job. However, when she works with women photographers, the women tell her what to do instead of grabbing her. Moore said it’s a much more fun and smoother process.

Family Values shot by @dritch for @i_d with mama ?

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Coco said that she has never really been put in a situation as to where she feels uncomfortable. In all, Coco said that modeling is fun and a good way to make money. The artist added that it’s interesting work because she gets to collaborate with various designers and work on projects with photographers or filmmakers that she looks up to.

“I think the whole industry is changing, especially fashion, music, and art, and kind of coming together in this new way like, ‘Wait, we want to see this.’ What you were explaining — women taking control in these new roles and making great s***. It’s still difficult, obviously. People don’t want us to be in positions of power, but it’s definitely heading in that direction. Our voices are being heard now more than ever.”

feeling soft w/ @gap #TheArchiveReissue

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In regard to writing for women, Coco said that she hopes women feel liberated after reading her work and that men feel ashamed.

“I want men to read it and feel something — shame. I want women to read it and not feel ashamed and feel liberated.”

Coco added that she wants people with a lot of privilege to reflect on her book, but she also wants to keep the focus on the people who her work is directed to.

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