Clare Balding opens up on ‘frustrating’ situation with wife: ‘We end up swearing at them’

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BBC Sport presenter Clare Balding, 49, said she has been doing Pilates classes at home with her wife and BBC newsreader Alice Arnold, 58, during lockdown, but explained why it has been frustrating.

The host and author joked the classes are sometimes too difficult, which has prompted her to swear at the teachers.

Opening up about her fitness regime, she told Good Housekeeping magazine: “I’ve never been a runner, and I never thought that I could be one, but it’s far more enjoyable than I thought it would be.

“We’ve been doing Pilates classes online with beautiful toned American women called Rhian or Jessica, but we always end up swearing at them, which is just funny because they can side plank and put their arms in the air and their top legs up and I’m like, ‘What? How am I meant to do that?!”

“Frustratingly, I haven’t lost any weight. I haven’t put any on, but I haven’t lost any,” she added to the publication.


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Despite this, Clare said she has noticed a slight change in her body shape.

As well as keeping up with her fitness, she has also been writing her latest book and will be fronting Wimbledon highlights in the next coming weeks.

Discussing her latest venture, she revealed: “I really miss the adrenaline rush of live events.

“Writing is such a different skill, as you’re crafting and drafting and trying to perfect something.

“Television doesn’t give you time for that, and you’ve got to react instantly with the right questions and the right tone.”

But, Clare insisted having a less-packed schedule this year has also made her realise how busy she was.

She added to The Catholic Universe: “Normally we’re spinning so fast – and I absolutely hold my hand up here – that we’re straight onto the next thing without a moment’s rest, and that isn’t altogether healthy.

“If we emerge with a more flexible working structure, I think that’ll benefit a lot of women in particular, if we develop better technology for health online, that could reduce stress on patients and the spread of disease, and obviously there’s the benefit to the environment.”

Clare tied the knot with her wife Alice in 2015 after 14 years together. The pair first met while working at the BBC together in 1999.

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Reflecting on the early days of their relationship, she told Country and Townhouse online: “We were very much friends at first and didn’t get together until the autumn of 2002.

“Alice had always been ‘out’ but I wasn’t and really struggled with it.”

In the same interview, Clare opened up on trusting her long-term wife’s judgement when it comes to taking on work projects.

Explaining more, she added: “I trust Alice’s judgement entirely.


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“She worked in the media and knows the jobs I would like to do. It’s not just about the money these days – it’s about whether something will be good for me and if I’ll learn from it.

“Some people might think I’m on the telly enough already but I really can say no.

“I’ve turned down I’m A Celebrity, Strictly and we laughed our socks off when Channel 4 offered us both Wife Swap!”

Read the full Clare Balding interview in the August issue of Good Housekeeping, on sale now.

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