Chrishell Stause Fires Back At Hater Who Calls Her ‘Fake’ & More: ‘I Am Not The Miserable One Here’

Chrishell Stause took to her Instagram story to share a direct message that was sent to her by a troll and an epic response she wrote to defend herself and get rid of the negativity.

Chrishell Stause, 40, is speaking out against a troll who called a “two faced b*tch” and many more terrible things. The Selling Sunset star shared the private direct message, which accused her of only having success because of her romantic relationships, to her Instagram story along with a response she wrote to the person, Entertainment Tonight reported. Chrishell was previously married to This Is Us star Justin Hartley and is currently in a relationship with Jason Oppenheim.

“You two faced b**ch!!” the troll’s DM started. “You seriously act like the f**king victim when you’re not. We can see right through you! That ugly predator mask you wear isn’t going to cut it. You ugly wh**e!!”

“And now you swear you’re the big s**t Bc you’re dating Jason! You can’t accomplish anything without a man!” the DM continued. “The only reason why you’re getting listings and selling them is Bc of Jason. And that dream house you got was Bc of Jason.”

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The message went on to call Chrishell “such a fake” and part of the conclusion read, “I hope you own up to your s**t and stop holding grudges you miserable b**ch.”

Chrishell started her response with, “It would seem I am not the miserable one here.”

She went on to write, “When you are an agent on TV you end up getting so much business you have to refer it out to others Bc there is only so much time in a day. The days of getting more listings because of rank in the office are long gone.”

She then concluded with, “But please take a breathe [sic] and have a great day! Thanks for watching!!!!”

Chrishell’s post comes after she went public with her romance with Jason in July. Since then, they’ve gotten attention for showing off PDA, and Chrishell even gushed over her beau in a previous interview.

“I’ve never had a situation happen before where I became best friends with someone first,” she told ET in Nov. “It’s just been so kind of freeing. My complete whole self — good, bad, indifferent. Whatever. It’s the best way to do it. We knew everything about each other. We worked so well together, and we have so much respect for each other. That’s a really good formula to start a relationship.”

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