Chris Rock Says He Hit On Rihanna And She Put Him In The ‘Uncle Zone’

Rihanna sure didn’t have love on the brain when Chris Rock attempted to flirt with her.

The comedian was on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday with Adam Sandler to promote their new Netflix movie “The Week Of” when host Jimmy Fallon mentioned he had seen Rock’s new stand-up act, “Tambourine,” live at Madison Square Garden.

“Every single thing was good. … I don’t know if you want to tell any one ― the Rihanna story is one of my favorites,” Fallon said to Rock.

“The Rihanna story?” Rock stammered. “About me trying to talk to Rihanna ’cause I thought, ‘Hey! I’m single now! Let me give it a go!’”

Before jumping into the story, Rock took a moment to reflect and figure out how to best articulate the experience. It ended up looking like this:

“Like, I couldn’t tell how old I was,” Rock said. “Rihanna is so fine if she didn’t sing her life would be exactly the same. She’d have clothing lines, people would be asking for autographs.”

When Fallon mentioned that it would still be cool to be hit on by someone as iconic as Rock, the comedian quipped, “Oh, that did not register at all.”

He then relayed the incident.

“She’s like, ‘Have you seen Ray J?’ [I was like], ‘Who Ray J?’ Like, ‘Fuck Ray J!’ [She looked at me] like I was one of her aunts. Like, she didn’t even register me as a sexual being,” he said.

He went on to explain that when a woman rejects you sexually, “at least she thought about having sex with you.”

“Like, she contemplated sex with you and was like, ‘Naaaaaah.’ But I was like in the uncle zone.”

Sorry, Chris!

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