Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ ‘stupidly’ almost announces wife’s Christmas present on-air

Chris Evans reveals he almost gave away wife's Christmas present

With Christmas just around the corner everyone’s been busy buying presents for their loved ones, and it turns out Chris Evans, 54, and his co-star Vassos Alexander, 47, are on the same wavelength this year as they bought their wives the same gift. And they were so excited about it they almost blurted it out on-air.

At the beginning of the show, Vassos and I stupidly said on-air – well we nearly said on the air – what we got our wives for Christmas

Chris Evans

“At the beginning of the show, Vassos and I stupidly said on-air – well we nearly said on the air – what we got our wives for Christmas,” Chris laughed.

“And it happens to be exactly the same thing!

“We haven’t discussed it,” he said in disbelief that they managed to cop the same present without a nod to each other.

Their fellow co-presenter Rachel Horne was eager to get in on the secret: “What is it?” she mithered, begging them to turn the mics off.

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“Turn the mics off and tell me please!”

The studio went silent suddenly before Rachel shrieked: “Cool!”

Chris agreed:” “It is cool isn’t it?

“And that’s without any discussion and it’s like we talked about it!”

Elsewhere, Chris revealed Natasha has been getting properly into the festive mood by playing a little prank on him, which he did not find amusing.

By putting their inflatable Father Christmas in the sauna, the Virgin Radio host worried it could lead to some sort of health and safety risk.

“I don’t know why my wife Tash put our inflatable Santa in the sauna,” he told Vassos.

“She put him in there and thought it was hilarious.

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“I didn’t think it was hilarious at all!”

He added: And he was plugged in!”

“That’s got to be some kind of health and safety risk, hasn’t it?

“A plugged in inflatable Santa in your sauna?”

Vassos weighed in on the situation and sided with Tash, agreeing it was rather funny.

“It is hilarious, for a start it’s Sauna-Claus which works on many levels,” he giggled at his pun.

“And second thing is – Father Christmas in a sauna! What’s not funny?”

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.

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