Chris Brown: Nia and Baby Daughter Photos Revealed…By Man Who Thought the Kid Was His?!

The news that Chris Brown is a father just broke last night, and the story is still developing, but as new details emerge, it’s looking like the whole situation might be far crazier than we initially thought.

First, Karrueche Tran dumped Chris on Twitter, sparking reports that she was not aware of the child, and that she and Chris weren’t “on a break” when he knocked up 31-year-old model Nia.

Karrueche’s obvious outrage led to even more speculation about the identity of Nia. Who was this “longtime friend” of Brown’s, and how had the two of them kept their baby a secret (even from Chris’ girlfriend) for so long?

Now it seems we might have our first photo of Nia, along with a bit of background information that may indicate how she was able to keep the identity of her baby daddy under wraps:

Sources across social media say that this is a photo of Nia and Chris’ baby (whose name is still unknown).

The pic was originally posted by the man who spent the last nine months believing that he was the father of Chris’ daughter.

After Chris was identified as the child’s father, the man deleted the Twitter and Instagram accounts he had created for the sole purpose of posting baby photos, but not before this pic was reposted by someone else.

Allegedly, the man sent a message to TMZ reading, “This is the saddest day of my life this lil girl meant the world to me I been there through everything I was told this was my child how can this be happening.”

Sad stuff, but as of right now, none of this is verified, so stay tuned for further details. Where’s Maury Povich when you need him?

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