Celebrities Shared Their Old Headshots And It Is The Best Walk Down Memory Lane

Everyone has to start somewhere and celebrities have been sharing some of their earliest headshots with fans giving them a glimpse of who they were before their rise to fame. 

Social media’s #oldheadshotday is full of gems from stars like Gabrielle Union, Will Smith, and Viola Davis, so take a walk down memory with some of your faves. 

Viola Davis 

Davis took to IG to share this gem, writing, “I was feeling myself during this shoot.”

Will Smith 

Smith was really rocking the single earring look. 

Laverne Cox 

This 2007 headshot was inspired by Candis Cayne. Cox wrote on Instagram, “After @candiscayne made history and became the first openly trans actor to have a recurring role on a prime time TV show I said to myself this is our time. I went and got new headshots, committed to finding an agent and making my acting dreams come true. I got an agent who is now my manager. The next year I booked by first and second episodes of Law and Order and did the pilot for Bored to Death. Thank you Candis for making me believe it was possible. #TransIsBeautiful.”

Aja Naomi King

With her headshot, King tweeted, “My mom went and found my very first headshot. We mailed it everywhere and got absolutely no responses back…” Who would say no to King?!

Retta old headshot

Retta looks TV and film ready with this perfect headshot.

Don Lemon 

Check out the CNN anchor’s late 90s headshot.

Keesha Sharp

Sharp rocking colored contacts is totally 90s. 

Eriq La Salle 

La Salle shared this on IG, apologizing for his lateness, “I know I’m so late to the party that the lights have been turned off and the band has left but it literally took me all weekend to find this gem.”

Leslie Jones

This was the comedian’s first headshot and she “didn’t know shit.” “National Headshot day!! My first headshot! I didn’t know shit!!,” she wrote on Instagram. “Man I got a deal at a photography place in Pasadena I think lol. I look older than I do now!! I thought what would Whoopi do!!” 

Gabrielle Union old headshot

Honestly, Gabrielle Union really still looks the same. She may have just posted a recent photo for all we know. Ageless icon.

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