Carol McGiffin laments old days of Loose Women as she fires back at ‘epidemic of offence’

Carol McGiffin reminisces about the 'old days' of Loose Women

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Loose Women panellist Carol McGiffin, 62, has reminisced about the “old days” of the ITV lunchtime show where she felt she had more freedom to say what she wanted. Carol has been a regular on the programme since the early 2000s and recently opened up about how things have changed.

Speaking on the latest episode of Kate Thornton’s White Wine Question Time podcast, Carol recalled: “The old days, back on Loose Women, were great.

“Not to say that I don’t have a great time now, but when I think about those times back then, things were just so much freer.”

She said that the hosts used to be able to “talk about things” they simply can’t discuss anymore.

She continued: “The way we talked to each other was completely different to what we can do now because you’ve just got this epidemic of offence, everyone’s just offended by everything, and it’s hard, it is quite hard to work in telly now.”

Kate, who presented Loose Women from 2009 until 2011, then chimed in: “To do a live show where you are hired to pass opinion and comment, every day is a tightrope between flying or dying by cancellation.”

Carol agreed: “Yeah, it is. It’s not that we don’t have fun on the show, we do, but it was a little bit different back then.”

Carol began appearing on the show in 2003 before stepping away in 2013.

After a five-year break, she returned as a regular panellist in 2018.

She is typically one of the most outspoken hosts on the panel and regularly sparks lively debates among the stars.

Last week, the presenter got people talking when she hit out at Prince Harry, as the presenters discussed his decision to miss the Duke of Edinburgh’s memorial service on Tuesday.

Carol sarcastically asked whether Harry had “any more toys he can throw out of his pram” before fuming that she doesn’t think “there is any excuse for him not to attend the memorial service”.

Ruth Langsford then tried to reason with Carol, saying: “He says he doesn’t feel safe.”

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Before Carol pointed out: “The whole Royal Family will be there, do you think there won’t be any form of protection? What makes him so special?

“What makes him think there’s more of a threat to him or if he’s there to the rest of his family?”

In another episode, Carol was even branded a “miserable cow” by Linda Robson as they discussed their pet peeves.

Carol told viewers that she wishes there was a separate supermarket lane for shoppers who stop and chat.

She added that there should be another lane for customers who want to “get in and get out”.

The Birds of a Feather star then asked: “What is wrong with having a chat?”

Carol responded: “The queue is going back three miles because they’re all in there having a chat, especially when you’re only allowed one person in the shop and they’re in there for half an hour. It seriously does my head in!”

And Linda hit back: “Well, you are a miserable cow.”

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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