Camille Cosby Was A No-Show At Bill Cosby's First Day Of Sentencing

The day that many thought might never come has come, and convicted pile of awful Bill Cosby was finally in a Pennsylvania court for sentencing today. This would normally be where we’d see plenty of shots of Bill being escorted into court by the human definition of “complicit,” aka his wife of 54 years Camille Cosby. But Camille was nowhere to be found.

According to Deadline, Cosby showed up to court a little after 9am clutching the arm of his primary PR rep Andrew Wyatt. He was joined by his legal team, and that was that. No Camille to be found, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t support him anymore. Camille is currently seeking to have Justice Steven O’Neill investigated by the state for “misconduct” during the trial. Judge Steven isn’t exactly a fan of the courtroom tactics being trotted out by Bill’s defense team. Like the one they pulled today.

Recently, prosecutors have accused Team Bill of dragging out sentencing by claiming that Judge O’Neill was biased against Cosby because he permitted Montgomery County DA Bruce Castor (who once ran against him) from testifying on Cosby’s behalf during the trial. Judge O’Neill is still presiding over the sentencing, so clearly that plot didn’t work. Today, Team Cosby requested to hear from Dr. Timothy Foley, the doctor who complied the original report that the Pennsylvania sex offender board relied on to state that Cosby should be designated a “sexually violent predator.” Dr. Foley was unavailable today, and could only appear in court tomorrow at the earliest. This has prevented Judge O’Neill from ruling on whether Cosby is a sexually violent predator, and thus stalled the whole sentencing.

Team Cosby probably felt like their back was against the wall, as a psychologist named Dr. Kristin Dudley told the court this morning that “Mr. Cosby does, in fact, meet the criteria to be registered as a sex offender.” Cosby had decided not to participate in the sex offender assessment, so it came down to looking at the evidence. Deadline points out that Cosby probably doesn’t want his reputation to be tarnished with the words “sexually violent predator” officially attached to it. Which makes me wonder: what the hell does Bill think his reputation is now? Because it sure isn’t “guy you’d feel comfortable being alone with.

Sentencing was expected to happen later today or tomorrow, but who knows now. It could be futher delayed if Team Cosby finds another way to delay it further. Is Camille at home cooking up a new scheme? Possibly. Although that court has heard it all. The only trick left might be if Camille burst into the courtroom with a boombox playing the Cosby theme and begged the judge to let Bill re-create all eight season’s worth of dances. Then right after the judge agrees, she’ll say he can’t do it without all eight costume changes and every member of the original cast. And wouldn’t you know it, she’ll have to contact NBC to arrange for their delivery, which could take 6 to 8 weeks.

Here’s more of Bill Cosby arriving to court this morning.

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