Brooke Vincent delays Coronation Street soap return after welcoming second son

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Coronation Street star Brooke Vincent has revealed that she doesn’t have plans to return to the show any time soon as she focuses on raising her two children with partner Kean Bryan.

Brooke left the show in 2019 with her character heading off for Columbia, with viewers eagerly awaiting her return to the cobbled street.

However, just two months before her return date, Brooke found out that she was pregnant with her second child, causing her to postpone work for the foreseeable future.

Now in an interview with the Daily Star, she has confirmed that she won’t be returning to the ITV soap for a while.

She said: “I left [the show] to have my first little boy and then I always knew I wanted my children close together so then I had my other little boy, and I'm just being a mum at the minute.

“Anybody that’s got children will tell you how hard it is to even to put the washing in the washing machine,

“So yeah, I’m just being a mum and getting myself back and trying to get us into a routine and focusing on them.

“It’s kind of a decision that we made as a family and it’s just nice to have that special time with them without having major distractions of what’s been going on.”

While there are no current plans in place for a return to Corrie, Brooke shared in her interview that she did hope to make a return one day.

She said: "I hope so! Ring them up and ask them if they’ll give me my job – don’t go killing me off!

“I think for anybody that’s a mum going back to work, I think they’re just excited to a) have a hot cup of tea – my teas are never hot anymore – and b) just having that time to just be you and not have to second guess what’s going on. You're just not in mum-mode.

“And I love being the class clown and really, my sons don’t get my jokes just yet so I need a better audience.

“I need to go back. I've not seen so I really miss everyone.”

Even though Brooke hasn’t appeared on our screens for over 18 months, in June she had reportedly been told that there were no plans to kill off her character while they await her return.

The source told The Sun: “Brooke has been told there are no plans to kill off the character so she’s free to return any time she wants,

“Brooke has appeared in almost 1,300 episodes and plays one of the most popular characters of the modern era and is very well-liked and respected as an individual.

“The bosses would have her back in a heart-beat but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen for several years at least.”

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